8 Games That Are Hard To Put Down



I’m sure everybody has played Tetris at some point in their lives. Originally invented in 1984, Tetris is now so ubiquitous that you can have a quick game anywhere and on any device: from cellphones to calculators, iPods and portable gaming systems like the PSP and Nintendo DS. The reason that Tetris is recognised by Guinness World Record as the most ported (both officially and unofficially) video game is due to its addictiveness.

With many different game modes throughout the years, Tetris has managed to remain fresh, even in the face of newer, prettier games. The basic game play hasn’t changed, and this has lead to millions of people all experiencing the desperation of needing a long piece, never to have it arrive.

Plants vs. Zombies (Ed. +1)


If you haven’t experienced the addiction of PopCap’s cute, zombie-themed tower defence, you are missing out on a great gaming experience. Zombies are attacking and it is only through the strategic planting of seeds that you will survive with your brain intact. The sheer variety of plants available, the humour in the game, the vast number of mini-games included, the variety of zombies and the collection aspects all combine to make Plants vs. Zombies a game that will not quickly be put down.

Peggle (and Peggle Nights)


A simple concept: shoot a ball at various angles to hit certain pegs, and ultimately eliminate enough of these “certain pegs” to finish the stage. When you add in 10 (11 in Peggle Nights, the expansion pack with more levels) unique special powers, multiple level layouts, moving parts, difficult challenges and a strangely compelling urge to get every peg in every stage, it’s easy to see why Peggle is addictive. Players can now indulge their addiction on a variety of platforms, much like Tetris mentioned above, including the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPhone, Nintendo DS, older iPods and even within World of Warcraft.

Final Fantasy


While not addictive in the sense of “I can’t stop playing it”, my experience with Final Fantasy games is an intense desire to see the conclusion of the story. The epic adventure must have some conclusion, and in this sense Final Fantasy is hard to put down. Whether it’s Cloud trying to defeat Sepiroth, Zidane on a quest to stop Kuja, or Lightning doing something similar in Final Fantasy XIII, most gamers will agree that once started, a Final Fantasy is hard to put down.



The ultimate casual game; and included with every copy of Windows since 1992, Minesweeper is the ultimate pick up and play game. The pattern recognition needed to get good at Minesweeper, combined with the Best Times local leaderboard ensure that players will always have a reason to keep playing. Minesweeper so easily turns from “Just one game…” to “Oh damn, that’s the time??” As testament to its addictive nature, it’s the most run program on my PC, and my times are 4, 23 and 63 seconds for Beginner, Intermediate and Expert respectively.

World of Warcraft


The exact number of local players is hard to gauge, especially when we consider the number of people playing on local private servers. We know for sure that there are less than 40,000, as that is the number of players that Blizzard needs to start an official local server. Worldwide though, World of Warcraft remains the most played and most subscribed MMORPG, and holds an estimated 62% share of the MMORPG market. Six years, two expansions, one additional expansion planned and over 11-million subscribers later, World of Warcraft is still going strong.

Guitar Hero


If you’ve been bitten by the Guitar Hero bug, you’ll never be able to go long without having a weird craving to pick up a plastic instrument and rock out to some of your favourite songs. The competitive nature of the game and the desire to improve your ability means your instruments won’t be gathering dust for too long before they get dragged back in service.

Pokémon Red/Blue


The first Pokémon games, (Red and Blue), on the Gameboy was a huge success, and has the world record for the best selling RPG of all time. Introducing a mythical world where monsters could be trained and battled against each other, the game set players off on a journey to … well … “catch ‘em all!” The original games featured 151 Pokémon to collect, which was a fine, achievable amount; enough to motivate you to keep playing. Some may feel the same about the current 493 species, and to those people, Pokémon continues to be an addictive way to pass the time.

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  • rightleg

    Call Of Duty: MW2

  • righlteg

    multiplayer of course

  • Rich

    Yep and even Modern Warfare 1, but the Prestige levelling in MW2 is just a whole new level off addiction!

    As for this list, I definitely 100% agree with most of them, especially Plants v Zombies and Guitar Hero! I've procrastinated on many a project at work thanks to P v Z yet I highly recommend it to any gamer needing a fix at work!

  • Duncan Bell

    Infectonator!!!! Gah so addictive

  • Nic Simmonds

    I'd have to add Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer to this list, along with Anno 1404, and +1 for Plants vs Zombies and WoW

  • _Caboose_

    So agree with pokemon ๐Ÿ˜€ busy playing diamond on my ds LOL

  • Maplassie

    MW2 MP
    COD4 Promod
    Redlynx Trials
    Uplink Hacker
    Rfactor Online

  • Bungie

    Any game on the Xbox360 is hard to put down , on the other side PS3 games are a snore fest :/

    Japanese should move on and make toys and leave gaming to us Americans , everything we make are masterpieces.

  • Seth

    Wow, bungie your such a troll. Japanese are fuking amazing without them we'll be like 15 years behind tech. Also pokemon is better. And since when did America make masterpiece games.

  • 1337

    wtf? Tetris and Minesweeper hard to put down? More like hard to keep playing after 5 minutes.

  • Tarryn van der Byl

    No Bust-A-Move? This list is a SHAM. :<

  • Bloodmask

    Any game on the PS3 is hard to put down , on the other side Xbox360 games are a snore fest :/

  • Hixxy22

    Fable 2, Mass Effect 1 + 2, COD MW2…

  • Cyrus

    Definitely Demon's Souls!!!

  • Secret

    Bungie STFU!!! Te 360 is a piece of garbage. I'm glad no 360 "exclusive" game is on the list.

  • Gog

    Seth, Bungie, Secret, Bloodmask: How infinitessimally tiny does your penis have to be that your choice of current gen console must compensate? I mean, I can't think of any other reason why you'd have to talk about it all over the place like it's the best thing ever.

  • will_c_75

    infamous was the one for me i played through both ways within a week of getting it. and i still pull it out at least every other week

  • Donnnywho

    I'll tell you one thing Mr list maker. This is your list and your list only bro. I mean yea thanks for sharing and all. Eh.

  • Steve

    This list is stupid. Just my opinion.

  • Commodore

    Thank god these people had a brain and didn't put MW2 as one of the games. IT SUCKS. Move on to a game that takes skill.

    Modern Warfare 1 would have been good in my book. Also Diablo 2

  • fddy

    So glad to see mw2 EXCLUDED from the list. Overrated franchise that's ruining hardcore gaming

  • ACE

    Bungie you are the reason I dont like gaming in America THAT attitude. Guess who put those parts in your Xbox? (look on the side and it'll say made in china)

  • Dimiter

    Little big planet, GTA3 and Max Payne 2 For me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Matty

    Super-sonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars!

  • anonymous

    sorry y'all im gonna have to disagree about MW2 the new Alien vs Predator is much better MW2 is so broken that the game doesn't even matter anymore Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is better as well

  • Kee

    i agree with the ones on the list that i've played- FF, Pokemon, Guitar hero. would disagree with those of you who think MW2 should be on there though. And c'mon, why does every comment box turn into a ps3/360 console war?

  • Oscar

    Fifa!!!! If you like soccer, of course.

  • Wolfman

    Uplink Hacker +1

    @All those complaining about additions:
    this is A list of 8 Games That Are Hard To Put Down not THE list of 8 Games That Are Hard To Put Down.

  • Feanor

    And Diablo 1 & 2 ? , can remember jamming it non stop for weekends on end with buddies over a LAN.


    WOW FTW!!!

    I still need to upgrade to patch 3.3.3(am at 3.0.8)

    Only have 1gig cap ๐Ÿ™

    stil awesome

8 Games That Are Hard To Put Down