Xbox One restrictive DRM and the future of EA in SA

The week in gaming has been pretty exciting to say the least, as gamers finally found out the details about the Xbox One, we got to the bottom of EA South Africa’s future and stumbled across a Chinese League of Legends clone that’s packed full of hilarity.

On top of that, we also checked out SA pricing for the top 5 gaming laptops, rounded up the impressive The Last of Us review scores, and had a look at the 5 WTF fighting games.


5 WTF fighting games
Gaming specials this weekend
Top five gaming laptops: SA price roundup
E3 2013 games we need to see more of
The Last of Us: the best game this generation?


Lian Li PC-V360 chassis is loaded with common sense
New Cooler Master gaming mouse, chassis, and CPU cooler
Sapphire HD7990 Atomic, new AMD motherboards revealed
ASRock Z87 Extreme 11 build attains nerdvana
AMD’s next-gen Kaveri APU requires new socket FM2+ for PC
AMD Richland processors launched: review roundup
Massive Antec Nineteen Hundred pushes drive bay boundaries

South African gaming news

Games and gadgets price hikes in SA: retailers respond
SA game devs “can definitely compete”
Games you can play this week
EA South Africa is dead, long live EA South Africa
Razer sponsors R40,000 in prizes to DGL 2013

News you should check out

Diablo 3 release date for 360, PS3 revealed
Diablo 3 auction house to be fixed, loot drops improved
Man chooses jail to escape playing Xbox
Chinese League of Legends rip-off has no shame
Banjo 4, Mirrors Edge 2, and more on Xbox One rumour list
PS4 and Xbox One pricing speculation: Pachter
Oculus Rift engineer killed
ET landfill site to be dug up by film crew
Deus Ex: The Fall reveal dashes our hopes
Play Civilization 5 free this weekend
Neverwinter action MMORPG release date announced
Starcraft 2 Spawning gives free-to-play version to friends
New Steam weekly deals arrive

Videos you should watch

Kiefer Sutherland is Snake in MGS: 5
Was the Xbox TV demo staged?
FIFA 14 gameplay trailer, screenshots slides in

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Xbox One restrictive DRM and the future of EA in SA

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