Heists and bicycle-kicks: this week’s games

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This week, one of the most anticipated games of the year hits store shelves, with the fifth primary instalment in the GTA franchise unleashing its havoc on the gaming world; and sports fans should rejoice too, as Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 makes its return for another season of virtual football madness.

Grand Theft Auto V

Without a doubt, the biggest game of the year is GTA 5, and after seeming like an eternity in development, the game is releasing tomorrow (17 September 2013).

GTA 5 will mark a new era in gaming, with its mindblowing scale, visuals and concepts that will help inspire other game developers.

GTA 5 features three main anti-heroes which you can switch between at any given time, helping you orchestrate heists and jobs to climb up the echelons of crime in Los Santos.

In addition to that, you also get GTA Online, which will allow you to team up or throw down against your friends for countless hours of deathmatches, races, heists or basically anything you can think of.

PES 2014

For those not into bank heists and causing mindless chaos, one of the virtual footie world’s big contenders enters the 2013 ring.

With PES 2014, Konami is mixing it up with some new features and hooks that may just lure in those who have traditionally leant towards EA’s FIFA offering.

The game looks smoother and more fluid than it ever has, giving a really authentic visual experience in the game. PES has always prided itself on its accurate faces, resembling the real-life player counterparts, and PES 2014 takes it to a new level.

The Fox Engine also allows for animations and movements to blend seamlessly, as players can transition from dribbling to running, or slide tackling to running in a seamless and impressive way.

All game releases this week:

Xbox 360 release tag

Grand Theft Auto V
Turbo: Super Stunt Squad
PES 2014

PS3 release tag

Grand Theft Auto V
Turbo: Super Stunt Squad
PES 2014

PC release tag

PES 2014
Mechwarrior Online

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Heists and bicycle-kicks: this week’s games

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