Timeless gaming couples

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It is a challenging task to get a person to follow a character’s story and find out if their love succeeds, and in gaming it’s even more challenging, given the demographics of the audience.

Here are some of the most memorable loving couples in gaming. This list does not include cheesy sex scenes that are put into games only to cause controversy. This list has obvious lovers that we could totally see walking down the aisle together in all their poly-glory.

Yuna and Tidus

I remember playing Final Fantasy X when I was young, and watching this scene was like a great Shakespeare moment come to life – it was perfect.

A lake, Yuna is a emotional disaster, and Tidus swoops in for the kiss. The cinematography was spectacular as they float through the lake in each other’s arms, smiling and in perfect harmony.

The player could only imagine what tragedy now faced these star-crossed lovers at the end of their journey. This scene set the tone for the last half of the game, and immediately made players hope that a different fate awaited Yuna and Tidus. Gamers were in love with their love.

Mario and Peach

One of the oldest stories in gaming: plump plumber tries to save a princess in distress by travelling through countless sewer systems and magic-mushroom-infused worlds, only to discover that the princess is in another castle. When the heroic plumber finally rescues his damsel, she is kidnapped again by a crazy-tortoise-dinosaur-beast-thing.

The saddest thing about this tale is that the plumber drags his lonely brother into fray; I feel sorry for him – all alone and with no one to save for himself. Unless he has his own reasons for his actions… Maybe he too has a crush on the princess, or maybe he is a watcher?

Nonetheless, this is a crazy love story that we have been enjoying for a long time.

Dragoncon 12 - Mario Luigi Peach

Not at all awkward.

Zelda and Link

Nintendo does a good job of telling a story, but not so much when it comes to love. Link and Zelda are another couple that have been around for donkey’s years, and even though Link has been saving Zelda’s behind forever, he could still do so much better.

I mean look at her – she is a disaster. From being a totally aloof princess out of his league to her random moments of amnesia. Zelda is sure going to be a handful when they decide to grow old together. Always the centre of attention, always hiding stuff from him, I can see this relationship in counselling soon.

Even with their issues, we still love to save Zelda over and over again. We know Link loves her and would do anything for her, and even though the endings are so predictable, its light hearted love, that is beautiful over and over again.

Nathan Drake and Elana Fisher

This is the iconic modern day power couple – think Brad and Angelina, but with guns, abandoned ruins, and the occasional infected human-zombie.

Even though this couple have never actually been intimate on screen before, their love is obviously undercover, and never shown because of publicity reasons. The Uncharted franchise is about action and explosions, not about love.

When they have slipped up once or twice and shown a bit of affection on screen it is soon followed by another explosion – quick-thinking direction thanks to Naughty Dog.

Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher are the couple that will get married in Vegas without telling anyone – due to safety concerns of course, they do have hundreds of enemies out there.

As much as they think their love is a secret, we know better, and we love them nonetheless.

Who are your favourite timeless gaming couples? Who would you send a Valentine’s day gift to? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Roxi

    my fav gaming romantic moments are: Cdr. Shepard & Miranda from Mass Effect and my Warden & Allistair from Dragon Age origins

  • Alex Rowley

    Keeping with the timeless theme I would say Cloud and Aerith. Nobody in gaming has not heard of them. Not exactly my favourite though I don’t really have a favorite anyways.

  • Joel Sangster

    No Cloud Cloud and Aerith – list invalid

Timeless gaming couples

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