My name is Kevin, and I like to party

Hello MyGaming readers. My name is Kevin Lancaster and I have the great honour of introducing myself as the newest addition to the MyBroadband and MyGaming team.

Contrary to initial rumours spread on the forum, I am not a stripper. I did take my clothes off in public once, but that was not well received and a small child started crying. I am also not the bird from Up.

After being born into bondage in a small town on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast, I began my writing career at Independent Newspapers as a news journalist.

My office desk consisted of a 15-inch CRT monitor, a ball mouse, and a thin client connected to what could have only been a 56k dial-up line. Needless to say the tech provided to me by my new employer is somewhat of an improvement.

I hope to provide accurate, timely, and enthralling gaming and gaming related news to all you loyal readers, while trying to not to embarrass myself when I write about Xbox topics (I was born and raised on PlayStation).

If I do fall short, please feel free to e-mail me directly and not my boss or direct editor, as this may lead to disciplinary action and me possibly losing my job. With my gran needing that operation soon and all those orphan children who I look after, I can’t afford for that to happen.



Kevin Lancaster

Kevin Lancaster

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  • Travis van der Riet

    +1 for Hot Rod reference πŸ˜€

  • Vorastra

    My face if you do generic-whatever-articles that every other site does.
    Seriously, we need Polygon-like editorials and such every so often. I like a good read.

  • The Rich

    I, for one, approve of our new Kevin overlord.

  • twistednerd

    Doesn’t Kevin look like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother

  • Lycanthrope

    Hi, new guy! Hope you enjoy your stay with us!

  • Ian

    Step one of writing for MyG? Fewer commas (although the use of the Oxford comma is appreciated):

    “I hope to provide, (<- I see you, naughty extra comma) accurate, timely, and…"

    Welcome to the internet (and MyG) – where everyone is a grammar nazi! :p

  • You can blame the editor for that one πŸ˜‰

  • Ian


  • safrikaan

    Yeah, you can make the sentance commatose with that πŸ˜€

  • Stan Smith

    Welcome Kevin, let’s hope you bring some much needed spice to the site.

  • theseasonswither

    Hear hear! I could not have said it better.

  • BeoTeK

    Welcome from rainy Margate in a small town on the lower south coast of KZN. Well done homie, wish you all the best and can’t wait to start reading some of your blunders.

    Peace out.

  • Charl van der Merwe

    are we going for the female reader vote with this pretty boy!:P

    Welcome Kevin!

  • The Rich

    Or, you can just make ME comatose by writing like that 0.o

My name is Kevin, and I like to party

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