Dark Souls 2: epic video roundup celebration

Dark Souls 2

The Dark Souls II reviews have hit the web and they are all looking pretty good. In celebration of this Game of the Year contender I have put together all the Dark Souls II videos you could ever need before playing the game yourself.

Take a look at our review round-up for Dark Souls II, the “what you meed to know” article, and the videos below, and you will be ready to rock and roll and die.

Official Trailers

Here are some of those hyped-up trailers we longed for, those trailers we watched over and over again, showed all our friends, and when they asked” when is it coming”.

Dark Souls II Launch Trailer

Dark Souls II Prologue Trailer

Behind the Scenes Part 1: Dark Intentions

Dark Souls II TV/Cinema Trailer

Dark Souls II Hollow Lullaby

Dark Souls II Beyond the Comic

Dark Souls II Aching Bones

Dark Souls II Of Masks and Dragons

Dark Souls II Forging a Hero

Dark Souls II Despair

Dark Souls II Go Beyond Death E3 Trailer

Other Trailers

Dark Souls II Lore

Dark Souls II Dual Swordsman Beta Gameplay

Dark Souls II Dual Sorcerer Beta Gameplay

Dark Souls II Gameplay Walkthrough

Part 1

Part 2

So, there you have it. At least 2 hours of Dark Souls II footage to keep you happy in this terrible weather, and get you hyped for the game!

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Dark Souls 2: epic video roundup celebration

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