Beginner tips for The Elder Scrolls Online

Do you need some handy tips for starting your adventure in Tamriel? Don’t fret, we have you covered.

After waiting forever for the game to finish downloading, and finally getting it updated, you can now being your adventure – here’s a few pointers.

So many classes, which do I choose?

It doesn’t really matter what class you choose. Like previous TES games, they are all flexible and are not limited to what you start out with (you can wield a sword and use magic – obviously you will be more focused on one for a while and then focus on the other). Here are the various classes and their strengths.

Nightblade – The assassin class – stealth is your forte. This class can drain health from enemies and stun them, and they work well in teams.

Sorcerer – The spell casters, buffers, and heavy summoners. The Sorcerers can use spells in offensive and defensive combat.

The Dragon Knight – Your close-combat class. Great for tanking, for the front lines, and for using heavy swords and large weapons.

Templar – Very similar to the Dragon Knight. This class if for those who want power and great healing skills at the same time.

What Race should I choose?

Well, this really depends on what class you choose, with each race having their own additional bonuses. Take a look at what class you have chosen and weigh up what race would suit your class style. If you are planning on using power and spells then choose a race that adds to the weaker stats, balancing them out.

So I have my character, now what?

Play the tutorial level – you can get some easy items for the beginning of your journey and during the level you get to choose some items for you class. If you skip it you will only get a sword and some gold.

Next, join a few Guilds. The Fighters Guild and the Mage Guild are accessible early in the game. You can join up to 5 guilds at the same time so do not feel limited to choosing one.

Go to the starter islands and get some XP, gold, and loot – it’s the perfect place to start your game. Go everywhere, open every cupboard, drawer, and box – leave no stone unturned.

Do the Cyrodiil training, which will give you some alliance points.

What about my Skills?

You can enhance your skill tree by absorbing Skyshards found throughout the game. There is a Skyshards location map in the works which can assist you with this.

Make sure you level up Souls Trap – your Soul Magic will be used to revive yourself upon death – as once you have learnt the Souls Summon skill it will allow you to be revived without the use of a soul gem. Don’t stress too much about your skills being poor at the start, you will improve them with time.

It’s a big world, how do I travel it?

Using the Wayshrines will allow for fast, easy travelling and is the best option. You can also get a horse, but don’t forget to feed the poor thing or it won’t level up and get stronger. You also don’t want Peta on your back. If you are into a bit of masochism you could walk across the world, but it will take a while. The view is good, though, and along the way you will come across roots, jute flowers, and materials that will help with crafting. Note: do not throw away maple logs, they are used for crafting and you will need them to level up equipment.

Any other tips, wise one?

Grab as many quests as you can. You will  be able to complete them while on the way to other quests.

Once you hit level 10 you will be able to partake in PvP. Go into the battlegrounds option and wait to be called into battle.

Your ultimate abilities are the key to winning tough battles, try get one early in the game which will help you out in difficult situations.

You are now ready, go on young adventurer and conquer the world!

Do you have any ESO tips to share? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Beginner tips for The Elder Scrolls Online

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