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MyGaming editor James Etherington-Smith has announced that he will henceforth be known as former MyGaming editor James Etherington-Smith.

News of his departure has been met with a great wailing and gnashing of teeth, shortly followed by calls to deliver swift pwnage on whichever noob is responsible for this travesty.

Addressing MyGaming forumites in a brand spanking new thread in the Announcements sub-forum, a teary-eyed Etherington-Smith revealed that he is pursuing a life and career in the United Kingdom.

And let’s be honest, with a name like “James Etherington-Smith” who in Britain can compare to his British-ness (other than The Queen, of course).

“I am handing over the responsibility of keeping the site awesome to Kevin [Lancaster], whom has now completed his rigorous training and can almost do 10 pushups without crying,” Etherington-Smith said.

The Butcher (from Diablo 3), by SeungHwan Jang

The Butcher (from Diablo 3), by SeungHwan Jang

Ahh, fresh meat!

Lancaster joined MyGaming on 1 March 2014 and while helping to keep the site on the rails will be part of his job, he will also step into Etherington-Smith’s shoes as sub-editor and newsfeed-checker extraordinaire for MyBroadband.

However, Lancaster alone can not stand against the coming apocalypse (i.e. Christmas release season).

The upset of losing Etherington-Smith to the siren song of London’s mostly-working wireline broadband infrastructure has necessitated the trundling out of the big guns.

(No Quinton, that wasn’t a reference to your weight. Don’t be so sensitive, gaaah!)

Quinton Bronkhorst rejoins MyGaming’s ranks after two years of working full-time on BusinessTech.

He will still work as business and technology journalist at BusinessTech, but will devote some of his time to something, you know, fun.

“Few things excite me more than a company’s HEPS and EBITDA, but Final Fantasy 8 comes close,” Bronkhorst said.

A new editor for MyGaming

Team MyGaming, from left to right: Jan Vermeulen, Kevin Lancaster, Quinton Bronkhorst

Team MyGaming, from left to right: Jan Vermeulen, Kevin Lancaster, Quinton Bronkhorst

Last, but certainly not least, there is I: Jan The Magnanimous.

I shall assume the heavy burden of MyGaming editor, though my role will largely prevent me from contributing articles to the publication (other than this masterpiece).

Though this means that you may now refer to me as Grand Poobah of MyGaming, I stay on as Senior Journalist at MyBroadband.

I have been with MyBroadband since April 2010 and will still spend most of my time there, writing the technology news that helps make MyBroadband the greatest IT website in the country.

Wikipedia says that this makes me a “managing editor” of sorts, which is fancy-talk for “guy who takes the flak, but doesn’t actually do much else other than look important.”

Which brings me to another important announcement! Kevin, Quinton, you’re going to have to take pay cuts. I may or may not have blown the entire MyGaming budget on new superhero cosplay outfits suits.

“But, Jan… what the h*ck do you know about gaming anyway?” you might ask.

I’m glad you asked, hypothetical reader used for my devious narrative ends. See, my gaming history begins around 1987…


Kevin here. One of the perks of my job is I get to cull Jan’s ridiculous, flowery monologues, thus sparing you all the pain of what I just had to read.

Good gracious Jan can yammer on when you give him half a chance.

Here are the highlights:

  • Jan started gaming on an IBM PC XT Compatible (Hercules monochrome, not CGA);
  • He has gamed on an Atari 2600, a console one of his childhood friends owned;
  • He owned an actual Nintendo Family Computer (not a knock-off) and his favourite games were Contra, Tetris, and The Goonies; and
  • He’s been building/hacking at his own PC gaming rigs since he was 15 years old


… which brings us to the present day, where I’m currently enjoying Transistor on PS4; a Steam library full of games for Ubuntu GNU/Linux, Mac, and Windows; and Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD on Wii U.

Getting super-serial for a moment

Super Serial

Super Serial

With the LOLs out of the way, I’d like to bid James — to borrow his turn of phrase — “Farewell, but not goodbye”.

Though the details have yet to be ironed out, James will stay on as a freelancer for MyGaming during his travels, regaling us with his tales of derring-do from across the pond.

James has spent a good 5 years working for MyBroadband and MyGaming, with his contributions (and knowledge) ranging from undersea cable outages, to which hero/item combos work best in DotA, HoN, and DotA 2.

During his tenure as editor of MyGaming he also helped grow the site’s local audience (if you’re reading this from South Africa, that’s you!).

A key measurement of the success of a website is the amount of unique browsers and pageviews it sees, and for a website like MyGaming that serves the South African gamer, it’s all about the local audience.

It has been a pleasure and privilege to work alongside James, and everyone on the MyBroadband team wishes him well with his big adventure to the UK.

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MyGaming editor spreading his wings

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