The challenges of being a gamer

Angry Gamer

We all have that one person in our lives who does not approve of us gaming. Whether it be our mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, cat, or Peeping Tom neighbour – there is always an anti-gamer in the periphery.

These anti-gamers are a burden, and can drive even the most sane Flight Simulator player into a murderous rage. They key to surviving? Remain calm, and take solace in the fact you are not the only one getting grilled.

Here are some of the more common irritations gamers have to deal with.

Didn’t you just buy a new game?

I get this all the time. I buy a game, and next week I buy another one, what’s the big deal? If it was a new Call of Duty I may be able to overlook it, but if two great titles launch in the same month, what am I supposed to do, not get one?

You cannot just sit here forever and play PlayStation!

Unless you have a sword and a shield, and our house is under attack by a fire-breathing dragon, then this is as good as it is going to get. Non-gamers cannot understand that it is more than acceptable to play a game for four hours at a time, stopping only to rehydrate and eat a peace of banana bread.

This game is very violent!

Do you think that I am going to shoot someone in a game, decide I enjoy a spot of killing, go buy a gun, and then mow down a crowd of pensioners? Yes, the game is violent, but it is just a game. I did not rip up the grass in the backyard and start planting corn after I played Farming Simulator, so what are you worried about?

Calm down! It’s just a game!

When you are engrossed in a game and cannot get past a certain point, you get frustrated – it’s perfectly okay. Even worse is if a game is buggy and you cannot progress because the publisher rushed the release. Don’t tell me to calm down, you don’t understand what it’s like to die just before a save point. And yes, it is the game’s fault, thank you for asking.

Gaming won’t pay the bills

Tell that to TotalBiscuit. Realistically, few of us will make money playing games, but that was never the reason we took up a controller (or keyboard and mouse) in the first place. Gaming makes us happy, it provides a challenge, and every now and then we learn something new. If gaming ceased to exist, the world would be a much sadder place.

Can’t you just pause it quickly?

No, I cannot, I am fighting the Gaping Dragon. Now please go away.

Asking someone to pause their game is akin to asking a professional soccer player to stop mid-shot – you lose your rhythm. The worse case scenario after not pausing a game is your dinner will go cold. Unless you are on fire, do not disturb me while I am playing.

There you have it, a few of the challenges gamers face on a regular basis. Share your gaming annoyances with us in the comments and forum.

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The challenges of being a gamer

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