Gaming moments that will make you cry for your mommy

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You can pretend to be all macho and walk around like you are carrying melons under your arms, but when the gaming scares hit the fan we all know you run the fastest.

Video games grab our emotions and give them a good shake. Not like Taylor Swift’s version of shake, but a more violent, freaky, and utterly disturbing version.

Here are the freakiest moments in gaming that will make you scream for your mommy, or any other nearby legal guardian.

Bioshock – The Dentist

If you think your yearly visit to the dentist is frightening, try putting up with this crazed being.

In the original Bioshock you reach a level where you enter a huge operating room and the room fills with smoke as you explore its surroundings. You stumble across a recording in the corner and listen to it. The person speaking on the tape goes on about creating perfection through surgery.

As you turn around, wham! The crazed dentist is standing right behind you.

The Evil Within – Boxhead

The Boxhead enemy in The Evil Within is the most iconic character in the game. He wears an apron, carries around a brown bag with heads in it, has a gigantic mallet, and wears a safe on his head.

Just when you get the hang of shooting everyone in the head, because that is where they are weak, he comes along and changes everything.

There is a moment in the game where you need to close poison valves before you suffocate. While you are turning for your life, Boxhead decides to pay you a visit.

Silent Hill – The Night School

There is no doubt about it, Silent Hill on the original PlayStation freaked every gamer out.

Back then there was no forgiveness. Video games were ruthless, save points actually meant you had to save, and death meant starting way back with no pick ups.

So when you enter an elementary school in the middle of the night, with nothing but a torch and a few bullets, something is bound to go wrong.

As you explored the halls with nothing but the sound of your footsteps, you would often bump into a school kid – one who wanted to rip out your organs and finger paint with your blood.

Dino Crisis – T-Rex Head

Although it wasn’t really a horror title, Dino Crisis was a fight for survival.

There comes a moment when you enter an office and find a survivor on the floor. At the time you don’t actually realize the blood all over the survivor is probably going to lure a dinosaur to your position, and it does just that.

As you are about to leave the room, a T-Rex decides to smash its head through the window and try to eat you. Cue screaming.

Slender – The Entire Game

Slender has become one of the most popular horror titles in the industry.

Collecting those notes without seeing Slender Man once, then turning around and he is right behind you… it will go down as an “I want my Mommy” moment forever.

Resident Evil – Beware of the Dogs

Remember Resident Evil and the moment when you get attacked by crazed hounds?

Sure, this might sound like an average run through your neighbourhood, but these dogs are hungry for flesh instead of a bowl of Bob Martins.

As you try to kill them all with a shotgun, you realise you aren’t getting out of this one alive.

Tell us about your scariest gaming moment, in the comments and forum.

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Gaming moments that will make you cry for your mommy

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