Why even Call of Duty gamers must play Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Forget turn-based combat, waiting for a bar to fill up before you execute an attack, and standing in one position the entire time – Final Fantasy XV is the furthest thing from the traditional Final Fantasy RPG, and that is a good thing.

Not only has Square Enix reinvented the series’ battle system, but it looks like the entire game is something new and fresh.

Let us take a look at what is new, and why all gamers should give it a go.

Fully realised open world

Final Fantasy XV is the first fully realised open world Final Fantasy title to exist. Other Final Fantasy titles have had an open-world scenario, but they have never been scaled to represent a real-life map.

The game will be split into a few locations, with each of them just as large as the next. While you explore these locations you will come across hidden caves, forests, and houses that hold secrets.

There is also a day-night cycle that will carry you through the game, as well as dynamic weather which will change throughout the day.

Each area will have its own share of events that take place at random times.

Combat revamped

Final Fantasy XV’s combat has been completely revamped and the game now boasts a real-time combat system.

You will control Noctis during the game, and although you have other party members, they will not be controllable during combat.

Noctis has a wide range of attacks. An example: Warp Attack locks onto a target in the distance and warps Noctis to the enemy’s location, dealing damage instantly.

There are five different weapon types, and each weapon has its own designated magic move. The Greatsword for example, will smash an enemy away from you if your timing is right.

You will also have a defensive stance which allows you to guard against and evade attacks.

Progression System

Gone are the Crystariums and ability points gained by wielding weapons, Final Fantasy XV has a new progressions system that comes in the form of camps.

At night it is recommended that you camp at a camping spot or stay in a caravan. During this time you will earn all the XP that you accumulated during the day and level up.

Each weapon and skill also has a progression system which works in a similar manner.

While at camp you cook food which will give you buffs that come into effect the next day. These buffs increase speed, attack, defence, or stamina, all depending on what you cook while at camp.

New looks

The first thing you will notice about FFXV is that the game looks spectacular. Square Enix’s Luminous Engine shines throughout the game, and the entire map is full of detailed monsters you can view from a distance.

The water reflections are spot on and every creature, rock, tree, and Chocobo are refined.

The New Final Fantasy

As you can see, the traditional Final Fantasy system has been thrown out. Still expect to find the Behemoth, spectacular soundtrack, ultima weapons, and typical heart-wrenching storyline in Final Fantasy XV, though.

The game will be true to its roots, but I think the fresh gameplay and battle system might be just what the franchise has been in dire need of for some time now.

Non-Final Fantasy players, will you give FFXV a go? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Why even Call of Duty gamers must play Final Fantasy XV

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