Games that no one plays anymore

Watch Dogs

We have those who make it and those who, well, don’t. Similarly, we have those games that people get hooked on, and those that fail to make a lasting impression.

Unfortunately, with the gaming industry moving so fast, it is hard to dedicate yourself to a game – good or bad.

These are the games that failed to make an impact and that nobody is playing anymore, despite all the pre-launch hype.


Turtle Rock’s mixture of competitive and cooperative shooter was a complete flop.

Thanks to its lacklustre gun fights, tedious gameplay, and broken progression system, gamers just gave up.

Steam stats show that an average of 2,700 players login per day to play the game on PC. This equals the amount of players that login to play Titanfall every day – a game that is over a year old.


One of the biggest disappointments of 2014 lived a short life.

Ubisoft’s highly-anticipated open-world-hacker game left gamers feeling cheated. The game launched with a massive list of pre-order incentives, with every version different from the other.

The only way you could experience the entire game with everything it had to offer was to purchase the digital deluxe edition that would set you back over R1,200.

The game featured a short-lived campaign and a confusing multiplayer component. The post-game side quests were a snooze-fest, with nothing much to do but run around hacking boxes and mindlessly deliver cars from one side of the city to the other.

The Order: 1886

As much as I loved The Order: 1886, it is pretty clear that with its 5-hour campaign and with no post-game activities, people have packed this one away.

The Order: 1886 was more of a show off title for Sony as it pushed the PlayStation 4 hardware to its limits and delivered a spectacular visual narrative. The game was very short, but the entire experience was a constant Steampunk joyride.

Project Spark

Microsoft’s free-to-play game maker was a showstopper when it was revealed back in 2013.

The idea of creating beautiful worlds and gaming scenarios is something only PlayStation owners could experience thanks to the LittleBigPlanet series.

Unfortunately it has become a dated experience.

It is not the player’s fault that Project Spark has been neglected, it is the developers. Due to the lack of content and overpriced in-game purchases, gamers like myself have found it hard to get into the game. Cue the off button.

Which recent games do you own, but do not play anymore? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Games that no one plays anymore

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