The worst kinds of DLC

Assassin's Creed Unity DLC

DLC is one of humanity’s more insidious creations, and perhaps one of the worst ideas since the invention of the boy band. And yet we all fall victim to DLC; it’s something we just have to purchase, even after paying the initial amount for a video game. It’s something that’s supposed to add value to the game, but instead it feels like a necessary evil, an extra we can’t go without.


Did you happen to catch the marine that just put a round through your head? He may have looked like he had the same outfit as you, but it was actually a darker shade of pink than yours, a purchased pink hue I might add.

Customisation DLC is terrible. It makes you feel like an under-dressed model in the Miss World pageant, wearing jeans and slops while everyone around you is in a ball gown. Sure, you get some great customisation packs, like in Borderlands and Team Fortress 2, but most of the time paying to change the shade of your weapon is not ideal.

You even get themed packs which normally represent the month or holiday you are in or approaching. A Santa Clause hat or, perhaps, a pumpkin head is great, but the novelty wears off the day after the holiday.

In-game Currency

Why would you want to go through the chore of opening chests in-game to collect gold when you can simply buy gold with real money? And what is even better is that you won’t be able to buy just the right amount of gold, you will have to buy a collection of packs.

The latest game to feature this disaster DLC is Assassin’s Creed Unity. Sure, Paris was beautiful and the city was massive, but that does not mean that you should be either forced into running around collecting chest for a measly amount of gold, or forced into buying it with real money. It was like you owed the developers extra money because they decided to scatter thousands of chests around the city.

I can understand when you do not pay for a game and you require in-game purchases to fun the title, but to put a full retail price on game and then add in ridiculous in-game currency bundles is just pushing it.


Want to look like a badass in the latest game? Then pre-order now! We probably know that our game is going to be bad, but still, pre-order now!

That is the way the industry works now. We want a new game, we have to pre-order to receive day one DLC. Most of the time this DLC is advertised as only available with the day one edition, or by a pre-order incentive, but 4 months down the line we see it listed online for purchase.

Urgh, some DLC truly infuriates me. What are your thoughts on the most pointless, annoying or, for a change of pace, fantastic DLC? Let us know.

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The worst kinds of DLC

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