Gaming’s Greatest Speedruns

A Speedrun to rule them all

That sense of accomplishment you got for finally overcoming and conquering a game, after 30 hours of hard work and dedication; guess what? Somewhere out in there in the world, a much more dedicated nerd just completed it in 45 minutes. That is one episode of The Walking Dead, or the time it takes to get from Johannesburg to Pretoria, just to put it into perspective.

These speedruns might have not been completed in the most legitimate way possible, often using all sorts of dirty tricks, but we really cannot blame the player for cheesing their way through some of these. If the game allows it, it’s fair, uhm, game.

Bloodborne – Time: 40:17

I completed Bloodborne after 31 hours, which I thought was pretty impressive. Apparently not; it’s been completed in 44 minutes. This might have been thanks to a wall that allows you to glitch yourself into the last part of the game, but it’s still pretty cool. It’s not called a speedrun for nothing.

Destiny: Crota’s End Raid – Time: 16:02

Crota’s End is one of the most frustrating raids in Destiny, and not because the game is hard. The raid is very buggy and most of the time your death will be due to an annoying bug and not your skills, or lack thereof. Well these 6 people completed the buggiest multiplayer experience in just 16 minutes. I really take my hat off to them as this is not easy at all. I often get to the end and we all keep failing because the enemies don’t spawn or Crota walks when he is not supposed to.

Crota’s End: Solo Speedrun -Time: 12:11

Just in case you were wondering, some guy solo-ed the raid in 12 minutes. He did cheese the entire process by taking advantage of the poor game design, and bugs, but he did it.

Half-Life 2 – Time: 1:27:51

While we wait for Half-Life 3, along with the rest of the world, how about checking out this absurd Half-Life 2 speedrun. After 200 segments and 600 days of training, the mightiest of nerds managed a time of 1:27:51. He finds some pretty weird ways to get through it faster and has some fun with it when he cannot go anywhere because of story dialogue and whatnot.

Borderlands 2 – Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode – Time – 1:43:22

The Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode in Borderlands 2 is the hardest mode in the game. We’re talking about weapons that have damage in the 800k mark and shields that reach the 50k mark. Enemies are extremely tough to defeat and survival is not guaranteed. Joltzdude139, however, managed to run through the main storyline in just over an hour and a half. Sure he skips sidequests, but who wants to complete those tedious things anyway?

Dark Souls 2 – Time: 16:20

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is out, and there will be a number of  gamers setting out to beat this speedrun of 16 minutes. Although this is probably the biggest cheesed speedrun on this list, you have to take your hat off to someone who will spend hours upon hours trying to find a wall in which they can use to skip ahead to the next area. I honestly have no words for this; watch from the 2:20 mark and see for yourself.

Have you ever attempted a speedrun before, or know someone who has? Let us know in the comments and forum. In fact, we suggest having speedrun races with your mates; it can be a stupid amount of fun.

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Gaming’s Greatest Speedruns

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