Old school games we never finished

Games we never finished

Back in the day, games were hard, really hard – more often than not because they required a different set of tools than what contemporary gamers are equipped with. MS-Dos games required out-of-the-box thinking, PlayStation games needed fast fingers, and the NES games of old demanded dedication and patience above all else. And the general lack of auto-save functionality or the inability to save your game frequently usually made things that much worse. Let us not take auto-save for granted ever again.

This is my list of games we never finished. By we, I mean me; by me, I mean most of us.

Prince of Persia – MS-DOS

Prince of Persia

Maybe it was just me, but I never ever got past that first enemy with the sword; I had no clue what to do. And if it wasn’t him killing me, I was plunging to my death from a height that did. Prince of Persia was the all-time classic platformer that we all loved to hate.

Those darn floors that gave way after walking over them; the spikes that just appeared out of nowhere; and yes, I will mention that guy with the sword that kept on killing me again, I hated him.

Crash Bandicoot – PlayStation 1

Crash Bandicoot

Relentless, that is all I can say about this. Crash Bandicoot was really fun, but its platforming required great skill and determination. The most annoying thing about the game was its inability to save. When you wanted to save your game, you actually had to venture into a level and risk your lives to find three boxes that took you to the save screen. Along the way, you probably died a few times and never even got to save your game.

MediEvil – PlayStation 1


MediEvil was a classic. Sir Daniel Fortesque and his one eye went on a journey to stop the evil sorcerer Zarok from taking over the land of Gallowmere. Unfortunately, you had to do so while equipped with Sir Dan’s terrible controls, low health capacity and rather tough enemies.

The levels were long and drawn out which prevented you from saving your game often, this upped the difficulty and made it quite a stressful escapade. If you want to play through this again, I suggest you get the PSP version and play it on your PS Vita; it’s still hard, but not impossible.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – NES


The Nintendo Entertainment System was the console that brought out the hardcore gamer in all of us, even if we had no idea what a hardcore gamer was back then.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had me tossing my controller without realizing it was plugged into the console, resulting in my console being pulled across the floor at the same time. It was tough, the enemies were all but impossible to kill because they jumped all over the show, and the platforming was glitchy which caused you to die by the hand of an electric barrier… constantly.

Silent Hill – PlayStation 1

Silent Hill

I don’t know about you, but the first Silent Hill freaked me out. I was only seven years old when this first released, so I was fragile and young, and that damn primary school gave me nightmares for weeks.

Silent Hill was one of those games that I just gave up on; not because it was long or confusing, but because it was brutal and very freaky.

Mega Man – NES

Mega Man

Mega Man was fun, there is no doubt about that. The bosses were inventive, the soundtrack was just the best and the platforming was, well, very hard.

Jumping into the air to be hit back onto spikes was what it was all about. Falling off a ledge because you thought there is another area below you only to realize there was not. I never finished many of them, but I attempted to play them all. We all probably spent out lives looking at white orbs flying away from Mega Man due to our bad decisions.

Akanoid – MS-DOS


If you never had fast fingers, then you probably died a few hundred times before giving up on this. It was just so frustrating. The ball flies all over the place, and you are stuck in a tiny area to try and stop if from going behind you.

Just when you think things cannot get anymore manic, the ball splits into two and you now have to try and hit both of them at the same time. I don’t even know if the game had more than five levels because that is as far as I got.

What old-school games did you never finish because they were just too hard or really frustrating? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Old school games we never finished

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