The missing E3 2015 titles we desperately wanted to see

E3 2015 Expo

This was the E3 that everyone has been waiting for.

The unveiling or previewing of monumental titles like Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy VII, Shenmue, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Star Wars: Battlefront were enough to revamp faith in an often lukewarm gaming climate and curb a lot of the cynicism manifesting amongst gamers.

There were some games that didn’t get the spotlight, however; games we desperately wanted to see. Here are some of the big boys we really wished were at this year’s E3.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

I remember playing Ocarina of Time when I was a kid on Nintendo 64. Since then, this series has had a lot of sequels, continuously being reincarnated on Nintendo’s developing consoles.

This next instalment for the Wii U was direly needed at Nintendo’s rather underwhelming showcase. Although the Star Fox Zero trailer thrilled Nintendo acolytes, this game was the trump card necessary for Nintendo to shoulder its way to the limelight of E3.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the God of man-children, had this to say to IGN, “We have some really great Zelda footage and, at some point we will be showing that off, but not today.

Deep Down

Deep Down
This magnificent-looking Capcom dungeon-crawler for the PS4 was teased around the time the monolith console was.

Since then, I have failed to see much media attention to this promising title and I was hoping that this E3 would finally show us something.

The Dark Souls-like game allows up to 4-player co-op in dingy, damp, subterranean environments, allowing you and your friends to take your spells and shields to the faces of dragons and the like. What better?!

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Yes, Final Fantasy VII, and yes, this game skipped E3 and will be further explored at Gamescom, as too much Final Fantasy leads to violent seizures.

But this is the only game I am as excited to play as MGSV: The Phantom Pain, and if you are like me then you are hungry for any further coverage of this very promising nth title of the wild-haired, enchanting franchise.

This title takes a radically different approach to the my turn – your turn gameplay characteristic of the series, focusing more on action-adventure style hack-and-slash.

The story follows the awesome road trip of a bunch of bros rolling in their whip searching for the ultimate bad girl.

Or so it seems, despite official sources saying something about an exiled prince and an evil empire and a princess that needs rescuing, the usual Final Fantasy foray.



Scalebound (Xbox One) is another completely epic and enticing-looking game shrouded in mystery, baying in the obscurity the industry loves to keep us all in.

The game seems to borrow heavily from Eragon, following the adventures of a cheeky young whippersnapper and his colossal dragon friend as they tag-team enormous beasts.

The lad has transformable armour, an enchanted bow and arrows and appears to be able to ride his dragon against fiendish titans. He also has some cool headphones and, we’re hoping, a badass soundtrack to go with the titan slaying.

Mario Galaxy 3

Super Mario Galaxy

The cosmic space-tripping exploits of Mario and his pals are a fan-favourite, the second instalment literally getting 10/10 from IGN.

Nintendo hasn’t shown off much of the third venture of this twinkling galactic hit, and fans weren’t really expecting it, but this was another weapon they sorely disregarded in their underwhelming presentation.

Despite this, an April 2016 release date has been expected. Seeing a Mario Galaxy in HD on the Wii U would be lovely.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption was one of the best games I have ever played.

The open-world scenery was breath-taking and completely gorgeous, and galloping through it at high speeds was utterly exhilarating.

The story was gritty and dark, full of gruff characters shooting their way to glory. The graphics were spectacular. The gameplay was fast, smooth and exciting.

That is why a second instalment is sorely needed. Again, nothing but whispers surround such a possibility.

What else did you wish E3 had demonstrated?

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The missing E3 2015 titles we desperately wanted to see

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