10 Best PC games of 2010

With 2010 drawing to a close, it is time to sit back, and take stock of all the great games we got to play this year. 

To get us started, below is a list of the top rated PC games of 2010, according to Gamerankings, which takes review scores from numerous publications around the world, and aggregates them to get an average. 

Gamerankings’ 10 best PC games of 2010

1. Mass Effect 2 94.09%

2. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty 92.36%

3. Sid Meier’s Civilization V 89.82%

4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 88.62%

5. Amnesia: The Dark Descent 88.18%

6. Bioshock 2 87.43%

7. Just Cause 2 86.09%

8. Sam & Max The Devil’s Playhouse Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak 85.80%

9. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising 85.71%

10. Fallout: New Vegas 85.43%

With the official stuff out of the way, below is a list of the PC games that stood out for us at MyGaming during 2010.

MyGaming’s PC picks of 2010

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty


Without a doubt, our PC game of the year, and quite possibly game of the year goes to StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Not only did it deliver a memorable single player experience with a neat unit upgrade system, but the multiplayer is still a firm favourite in the MyGaming offices. If you play StarCraft II online, be sure to check out our StarCraft II social league which kicks off in January. 

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2

Another firm favourite was Bad Company 2, which won us over with its rich, dynamic and vast multiplayer component. Its unique classes and tactical team based gameplay made it stand out from the masses as one of the best FPS’s of 2010.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2

How could we forget Mass Effect 2? It was the first game that blew us away in 2010, with its rich characters, slick gameplay, and revised RPG system. Upgrade the Normandy spaceship as you traverse the galaxy in pursuit of a team worthy of tackling a suicide mission to save humanity. 

Medal of Honor


Possibly the most underrated game of the year, the PC version of Medal of Honor offers a solid, current generation, fast-paced online FPS. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but for some reason it managed to win me over, and earn a place on this list.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

CoD Blops

Despite its rocky launch, we remain hopeful that Treyarch will get the game running properly soon. Lag and performance issues ruin what is a true online FPS gem, but when it’s working, it’s absolute bliss. A definite game of the year contender if not for the technical problems.

Sid Meier’s Civilisation V

Civilization V

The second PC exclusive on our list, Civ V was everything we hoped it would be. A revised combat system, as well as a new hexagonal tile set to give the long running series a welcome facelift make it the best Civ game released in a while. 

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  • Shamrock

    Nic is a Starcraft fanboy 😛
    That said I think it's perfectly deserved. Hours and hours and hours and hours of fun. Epic game, nothing deserves the tittle more than it.

  • The_Assimilator

    SCII is nothing more than the original game with prettier graphics, and considering how long it took for Blizzard to produce, doesn't deserve the high ratings it's been awarded.

    Pretty much nothing good was released this year for PC, except maybe Bioshock 2… too many damn sequels, no innovation. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is probably the only game that really deserves to be on a Top 10 list.

  • Sgt


    LoL you must have been living under a rock the for the last year.

  • Kurike

    Apart from Civ V & MOH (i played the beta, but that doesn't count) I own all of the above games and agree 100% with Nic.

    each one is in a different genre (you can not compare BC2 and COD:BO to each other, totally different!!) and each one is the leader in said genre, hands down!

    As for SC2, the thing i love about that game is not the SP (which was surprising pretty good), it's not the League, but it's the Custom section of it. It's like having hundreds of different games to play, Yes it still looks like SC2 but the sheer diversity of gameplay is staggering. Maps like Marine Arena and Incoming are so addictive, i have totally forgotten about the League section, they are that good!! go try it!

    as for no Innovation, i would rather have a an improved sequel than a crap "original" game.

  • The_Assimilator

    @ Sgt

    STFU! Just because I am more cleverer than you doesn't mean you can condescend upon me you n00b!

  • Kurike

    @ The_Assimilator

    wow, you just showed your mental age, and judging by your wording and response, it's not that old. About 8, i would say.

  • Diablo

    Can;t comment on SCII as I'm only getting it next week. MOH in my oppinion should not be on a top 50 list. Sub grade game.

    BC2 on the other hand is epic and BO is good and should only get better

  • Trololololol

    Don't feed the trolls guys lol

  • Nic Simmonds

    @ Diablo

    I stand by my MOH selection, although I was anticipating disagreement. Please elaborate on why you think it is a sub-par game?

  • The_Assimilator


    GTFO you stupid noobie… Lolz You're such a idiot moron. If my mental IQ is 8 then yours must be 7! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • tryvpmenw


    Just be quiet, you're embarrassing yourself.

  • The_Assimilator


    You're embarrassing yourself, maybe you should keep quiet! LOLOL

  • Kurike


    i don't even have to say anything, your response did a better job than i could.

    Keep it up, you make me laugh


  • strawberry

    It's surprises me every year how journalists the world over manage to get this list wrong. EVERY YEAR.

    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Game of the Year: Every Year.


  • The_Assimilator

    I just want to apologise to everyone.. My horse died this week, extremely sad 🙁

    I prepared nice pink tiaras and confetti's for her and everything, I was just so upset by his death (I only like male horses).

    To put the cherry on the cake, my dad found out I'm gay and has barred me from playing my Xbox. I hate my life and decided to take it out on you guys. Sorry once again

  • dude

    Now that's much better isn't it? There was no need to be nasty to everyone. Sorry to hear about your bad day.

  • boramk

    @ The_Assimilator

    I was wondering why you were being such a dick o_O

  • mb12

    Bad comeback, man…

  • rudimental

    Wow Assimilator you really are a tard

  • The_Assimilator

    Well you are a nube rudimental!

  • The_Assimilator

    The only 2 comments actually posted by me are this one and the first one, some jackass was trolling using my name. Would be nice if there was the ability to "Register to post comments" to prevent that sort of thing.

10 Best PC games of 2010