5 games that will dominate E3

The biggest gaming show in the world is just a few weeks away, so in anticipation for the action that E3 will bring, we take a look at some of the games that we think will be the blockbusters of the event:

Gears of War 4

Just about everything of Gears of War 4 screams something new. A new developer, new characters, and a new setting, Gears 4 is looking to take the franchise into the new generation with some fresh ideas, albeit with the same brutality that made the original a hit. Microsoft is likely to show a whole lot more of their flagship IP, with a closer-look at protagonist JD Fenix and his squad, along with the new enemy that plagues the world post-Gears 3.

Gears of War 4 Xbox One

Battlefield 1

The reveal of Battlefield 1 caused quite a stir, and with good reason. Ironically, heading back to WW1 seems like a breath of fresh air in a market saturated with modern/futuristic military shooters, and based on the reaction to the announcement trailer, the fans agree.

The new entry into the FPS series should be the focus of EA’s press conference, with some new gameplay details, environments, and multiplayer information to be announced. We’re expecting big things from EA this year, and it doesn’t come bigger than Battlefield.

Battlefield 1

Watch Dogs 2

While not officially confirmed, it’s a borderline certainty that a sequel to Ubisoft’s hack-’em-up action game will show up at the developer’s press conference. Watch Dogs is set to be a multi-game franchise for the studio, and E3 could be the moment for Ubisoft to show off the highly-anticipated sequel.

Ubisoft Montreal vice president of creative Lionel Raynaud previously said that Watch Dogs 2 would deliver on the promises of the first game, but no one knows if Watch Dogs’ original protagonist Aiden Pierce will be returning or a new hero will step into the limelight.

We can be sure that there’ll be more car-chases, hacking, and gunfights to come.

Watch Dogs

Dishonored 2

All we’ve seen of Dishonored 2 thus far is the gorgeous cinematic debut trailer from last year’s E3, but that footage – combined with the stellar pedigree of the first game – was more than enough to stoke the fires of supernatural assassination hype.

Bethesda have revealed that you’ll be able to choose between playing as Corvo or his almost-definitely daughter Emily in this slick-looking sequel, and that it takes place in the coastal city of Karnaca rather than the grimy streets of Dunwall. We can’t wait to see how the distinctly creepy vibes of the original are reimagined for Dishonored 2.

Dishonored 2

Resident Evil 7

Another game that hasn’t been confirmed, but is a sure-bet to make an appearance. According to Capcom, Resident Evil 7 will return to the franchise to its roots, and E3 would be the ideal platform to showcase the new entry.

Capcom is known to be tight-lipped on its E3 plans, but its highly probable that the company’s veteran zombie game will be reignited at this year’s show.

Resident Evil 7

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5 games that will dominate E3

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