Neurable lets you use your brain as a VR controller

HTC Vive

Neurable has built the world’s first brain-computer interface for virtual reality.

The prototype attaches to the back strap of an HTC Vive headset and allows you to use your thoughts as a controller in VR environments.

Neurable’s device reads brain signals which relate to specific actions or thoughts and uses the information to trigger actions within the game.

The company showed off the controls in a game called Awakening, which sees the player picking up objects, stopping lasers, and engaging in combat using their thoughts as a controller.

Speaking to IEEE Spectrum, Neurable CEO Ramses Alcaide said the startup is targeting VR arcades in 2018 with an expanded version of Awakening and a smaller form factor for its brain-computer interface.

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  • Jose

    So how long until companies start collecting data directly from our brainwaves ?

  • How injecting advertising

Neurable lets you use your brain as a VR controller

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