Logitech’s latest mouse has a trackball

Logitech Trackball mouse

Logitech has launched the MX ERGO, a wireless trackball mouse that “sets a new standard for comfort and precision”.

The mouse is Logitech’s first new trackball in nearly a decade, it said.

“It is back, better than ever, and the idea for this trackball innovation was inspired by our users,” said Logitech.

The mouse is designed to reduce muscular strain by 20% compared to using a standard mouse. It features an adjustable hinge, which lets you improve your wrist posture, that can move from 0 to 20 degrees.

Speed and accuracy adjustments can also be made on the device, and a “precision mode” gives users “ideal control with the trackball”.

The MX ERGO is priced at $99.99, and will go on sale in the US in September.

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  • Wurnman

    I use a rolleball Logitech for work, but gaming i have my doubts.

  • ZenoDiac

    Yea this is good for modeling and drawing software, but not anything else.

  • Wurnman

    I find it difficult to use in Photoshop as oppose to a lazer mouse.

Logitech’s latest mouse has a trackball

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