Tech deals this weekend

Tech deals

President Jacob Zuma does not have to pay for Nkandla’s R246-million security upgrades, including its ‘fire pool’, chicken run, kraal, and soil retention wall.

The firepool I understand – number one needs a watery place to hide when the raging fires of KZN come and the low-water pressure of the area means you cannot extinguish the now on-fire chickens running around the property. (There’s a Nando’s ad in there somewhere.)

The kraal is also important, as it keeps Nkandla’s cows from trampling foreign presidents on state visits. Why are there cows there in the first place? Because nothing softens up G8 leader better than feeding a bovine some grass and lasciviously patting its udders.

I can’t comment on the soil retention wall, a.k.a amphitheatre, as my knowledge of the need to hold up large piles of dirt is limited. Apparently it doubles as an emergency assembly point for Zuma’s family – in case the firepool is otherwise occupied.

But enough with Nkandla – bad jokes can only take away so much of the utter disbelief.

Here are this week’s best tech deals.

Tablet specials from HiFi Corp

HiFi Corp has various tablets on sale. The discounts are on offer until 2 June 2015.

Tech Deals - Tablets


DStv HD decoder with installation from HiFi Corp – R699.90

HiFi Corp is selling the DStv HD decoder, with installation, for R699.90; and for R499.90 without installation.

The deal is available until 2 June 2015.

Tech Deals - DStv decoder

DStv decoder

SteelSeries Apex keyboard from Takealot – R1,330

Takealot is selling the SteelSeries Apex keyboard for R1,330 – down from the usual price of R1,525.

Tech Deals - SteelSeries Keyboard

SteelSeries Keyboard

LG 5.2 sound system from Makro – R5,499

Makro is selling the LG 5.2 channel sound system for R5,499.

The deal is on offer until 1 June 2015.

Tech Deals - LG home theatre system

LG home theatre system

EVGA GeForce GTX 780 3GB from Rebel Tech – R4,799

Rebel Tech is selling the EVGA GeForce GTX 780 3GB (DDR5 256-bit) for R4,799 – a discount of R3,582 off the regular price.

Tech Deals - GeForce GTX 780

GeForce GTX 780

PowerColour AXR9 290 4GB from Wootware – R3,999

Wootware is selling the PowerColour AXR9 290 4GB (GDDR5 512-bit) for R3,999 – a saving of R2,000.

Tech Deals - PowerColour R9 290

PowerColour R9 290

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 from the Orange Store – R4,765

The Orange Store is selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) for R4,765 – down from the usual price of R7,806.

Tech Deals - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Sony PlayStation 4 from the Orange Store – R5,237

The Orange Store is selling the Sony PlayStation 4 (EU model) for R5,237.

Tech Deals - PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Samsung 48-inch full HD LED TV from Game – R6,990

Game is offering the Samsung 48-inch full HD LED TV for R6,990.

The deal is available until 2 June 2015.

Tech Deals - Samsung TV

Samsung TV

Sinotec 50-inch full HD LED TV from Makro – R5,499

Makro is selling the Sinotec 50-inch full HD LED TV for R5,499.

The deal is available until 1 June 2015.

Tech Deals - Sinotec 50-inch TV

Sinotec 50-inch TV

BT Games Sale

BT Games is selling various PC, PS4, and Xbox One games for discounted prices from 29 May to 4 June. The store is also offering a Sunset Overdrive Xbox One bundle for R5,299.90 until 31 May.

Those living near The Glen Shopping Centre, BT Games will hold a store re-opening sale on 30 and 31 May in the centre, with PS4 games like Grand Theft Auto V, COD: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, and AC Unity selling for R399.90 each.

Tech Deals - BT Games

BT Games

This article originally appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Tech deals this weekend

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