Intel shipping first Optane memory modules for testing

3D-XPoint Memory Wafer - 1000x faster than NAND Flash

Intel has started shipping its first Optane memory modules for testing, with the aim of releasing products for sale by next year, PCWorld reported.

Optane is the name under which Intel is branding products based on 3D XPoint – a non-volatile memory technology.

The technology was announced in 2015 and is being developed by Intel and Micron. Micron’s 3D XPoint-based brand is QuantX.

Intel has already shipped its first Optane products in the form of SSDs, but has not started selling 3D XPoint-based RAM products.

According to PCWorld, Intel Optane dual inline memory modules are meant to replace the dynamic RAM (DRAM) in servers and PCs, and will fit into existing DDR4 slots.

Intel said Optane memory can be 10-times denser than existing DRAM technology.

This article first appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Intel shipping first Optane memory modules for testing

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