Intel launches ultra-fast Optane SSDs

Intel has unveiled its Optane SSD DC P4800X Series with Intel memory drive technology.

The new SSDs are aimed at data centres and can potentially transform storage and memory architectures.

“Deployed as blazing fast storage or caching tier, Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X breaks the confines of traditional storage to significantly increase scale per server and accelerate applications,” said Intel.

When deployed as extended memory, the drive expands the system memory pool – creating bigger, more cost-effective memory to gain higher-quality insights.

“A combination of high throughput, low latency, high quality of service, and high endurance enable the creation of solutions that remove data bottlenecks.”

This will drive new solutions with applications such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, faster trading, and deeper insights into medical scans, said Intel.

The Intel Optane SSDs (375GB) are available now. Additional capacities and form factors will be available in the second half of 2017.

This article first appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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    So what’s the speed?

Intel launches ultra-fast Optane SSDs

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