SK Hynix will launch GDDR6 VRAM by early 2018


Memory manufacturer SK Hynix has introduced the world’s first GDDR6 memory, which features improved bandwidth and speed.

The graphics memory will enter mass production by early 2018, and will be implemented in high-end graphics cards.

The company said the product has an I/O data rate of 16Gbps per pin, and can process up to 768GB of graphics data per second when implemented in a graphics card with a 384-bit interface.

GDDR6 is a next-generation memory standard under development by JEDEC, and runs twice as fast as GDDR5 VRAM while operating at a lower voltage.

SK Hynix said DRAM density for graphics cards would continue to increase, and its GDDR6 memory could see use in AI projects.

This article first appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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SK Hynix will launch GDDR6 VRAM by early 2018

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