AMD Ryzen laptop chips could take on Intel

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AMD has launched its first mobile chips based on its Zen architecture, and they could be a threat to Intel’s grip on the notebook market.

AMD’s previous mobile processors were traditionally unable to compete well against Intel’s products, due to Intel’s superior integrated graphics and better performance-per-watt.

The manufacturer’s new CPU and GPU architectures have allowed it to launch a powerful and competitive chip, however, giving it a chance to play in the notebook space.


The key to AMD’s return to the mobile processor market is its new Ryzen processors built on its Zen CPU architecture.

Ryzen Mobile chips will deliver increased performance and power efficiency compared to previous CPU generations, along with an increased core count.

Alongside this improved mobile CPU, AMD will also leverage its Vega graphics architecture to include integrated graphics on the mobile chips.

Code-named “Raven Ridge”, the chips will allow AMD to compete against Intel in graphics and general computing for mobile systems.


AMD press information published by VideoCardz outlines the performance of the new chips relative to Intel’s 8th-gen mobile processors.

The AMD Ryzen 5 2500U and Ryzen 7 2700U mobile APUs aim to compete with Intel’s Core i7 lineup, with the Ryzen 7 2700U boasting competitive CPU performance across multiple benchmarks.

The 7 2700U reportedly performed well in tests, and will complete against the Intel Core i7-8550U.

According the data, AMD’s chip easily beats Intel’s when it comes to graphics processing performance.

The report stated that the Ryzen 7 2700U should deliver the CPU performance of an Intel Core i7-8550U, and more GPU processing power than an Nvidia GeForce 950M.

The performance benchmarks are shown below.

CPU benchmarks

Benchmark Ryzen 5 2500U Ryzen 7 2700U Core i7-8550U AMD FX-9800P
POVRay 3.7 168 199 166 100
PCMark 10 Ex 141 163 133 100
TrueCrypt 192 249 178 100
PassMark 9 172 176 188 100

Cinebench R15

Processor Single-Threaded Multi-Threaded
AMD Ryzen 7 2700U 144 719
Intel Core i7-8550U 159 498
Intel Core i7-7500U 147 325

GPU benchmarks

Processor 3DMark TimeSpy
AMD Ryzen 7 2700U 915
GeForce 950M + Core i7-7500U 900
AMD FX-9800P 400
Intel Core i7-7500U 377
Intel Core i7-8550U 350

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AMD Ryzen laptop chips could take on Intel

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