Intel’s Arc GPUs coming soon

Intel's Alchemist Desktop GPU

Intel’s first-ever GPUs will launch in the first half of 2022, the company announced during its 2022 Investor Meeting.

Intel said that its Arc laptop GPUs are expected to ship before the end of Q1 2022, while its desktop variations will roll out in the next quarter, with workstation cards arriving last in Q3.

Intel’s first generation of graphics cards will be codenamed “Alchemist” and are aimed at the general consumer market.

The second generation of cards will be named “Battlemage”, the third “Celestial”, and the fourth “Druid”, with the third and fourth generations meant for the “ultra-enthusiast segment” of users.

However, second-generation cards and onwards will not release in 2022.

Intel's multi-year graphics cards line-up

Intel’s multi-year graphics cards line-up.

Intel also announced an upcoming cloud-based service for its Arc GPU range called “Project Endgame“, which will allow users to access Intel’s graphics cards through streaming, similar to cloud-based graphic card rental services like Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Google Cloud.

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Intel’s Arc GPUs coming soon

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