AMD Eyefinity 2.0 technology detailed

AMD eyefinity feature

Eyefinity 2.0 is a new feature found on the HD7900 series of graphics cards based on the Graphics Core Next architecture, and it improves tremendously over the original Eyefinity.

Used by gamers who have the space and money to accommodate more than one display, Eyefinity allows users to span a game scene across multiple monitors for a more immersive experience. While it did this quite well, there were some important aspects of the technology that were beyond Eyefinity.

Enter Eyefinity 2.0.

What’s new

We’ll start with the less gamer focussed aspects first; multiple video and audio outputs. Eyefinity 2.0 now allows multiple video and audio paths to be streamed across each output.

Consider the scenario; you have a web conference with three other people. You also have three monitors running off of a new HD7900 series graphics card, and each of these monitors has their own dedicated audio system.

Eyefinity 2.0 lets you assign independent video/audio streams to each output port (assuming the port is either HDMI or mDP), and have each monitor output its own individual video and audio stream. The pretty picture below explains things a bit better.

AMD audio image

AMD independent audio/video streams

Eyefinity 2.0 also brings with it the ability to power three 3D monitors via the DisplayPort interface. With the cost of multiple 3D capable monitors, plus the amount of graphics processing power you need to power multiple 3D streams at Eyefinity resolutions, this will probably be out of reach for the average Joe – but we can dream.

AMD Eyefinity tripple 3D

AMD Eyefinity three 3D displays

Another interesting feature found in Eyefinity 2.0 is flexible bezel correction. This allows monitors of different sizes to be used in an Eyefinity setup but automatically adjusting the display image to take into account where the edge of one monitor is relative to the monitor next to it.

Once again, the image below explains this quite nicely.

AMD Eyefinity Bezel

AMD Eyefinity Bezel compensation

Eyefinity 2.0 expands the monitor configuration availability with a new 5 by 1 approach. This effectively allows you to run up to 5 monitors on the horizontal plane, to create an almost panoramic experience. Monitors can be aligned in landscape or portrait mode, or even a mix thanks to the flexible bezel correction mentioned above.

The total resolution displayed on all monitors has also been increased to allow for up to 16,000 pixels on either the vertical or horizontal plane. So theoretically, gamers now have access to a 16,000 x 1080 resolution.

While not completely ground breaking, AMD have also included a new task bar positioning feature with Eyefinity 2.0. Where previously the taskbar and icons were forced onto the leftmost monitor, users can now position these items on any screen in the setup, as shown by the image below.

AMD task bar positioning

AMD task bar smart positioning

Finally, Eyefinity 2.0 brings us ultra-high resolution support per input.

This means that Eyefinity 2.0 compatible cards can support high resolution quadHD monitors or projectors (known as 4k displays) off of a single DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 1.4a port. This allows multiple ultra-high resolution displays to be used in an Eyefinity setup for some truly mind blowing resolutions.

Bottom line

While the HD7900 series undoubtedly brings a performance increase over previous generation technology, support for Eyefinity 2.0 and ZeroCore technology are the real reasons users should upgrade.

Rather than mindlessly increasing graphics power, AMD is taking care to add in features that will enhance how gamers and consumers alike will make use of their cards; and that’s pretty cool.

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  • Anonymous

    Love the bezel compensation.

  • Anonymous

    If I were going for a multi-display desktop PC, I’d most likely go for one of them new AMD cards.

    But I only need (and only have space for 1) 1 monitor, so GTX 560 TI for me.

  • Anonymous

    Yea a multi monitor setup is awesome! but from a practical, space and cash flow side 1 20″ is more than enough for me.

  • CoD511

    If only I had room for three monitors 🙁

AMD Eyefinity 2.0 technology detailed

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