5 gaming hardware extravagances

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Have you ever found yourself with a suitcase full of money that you have to go and waste on the most overpriced, extravagant hardware out there? Me neither, but it’s good to know what’s available just in case you win a lottery. Or two.

Thermaltake Xpressar

Thermaltake is known for providing gamers with the most overpriced, opulent and often poorly constructed cases and peripherals. That said, as a hardware enthusiast I’ve always wanted to own some of their products, and the Xpressar is one of them. Combining a fridge compressor and a PC case, Thermaltake have created one of the first commercially available phase change cooling system-come-PC cases.

Claiming temperatures 20 degrees centigrade lower than high-end water cooling solutions, the Xpressar was targeted at overclockers who would never buy it. As surprising as it sounds, the Xpressar’s performance wasn’t enough for hardcore overclockers, and its price tag north of R11,000 locally means most gamers will pass it by.

Still, it would look nice as an extremely loud media PC.

Price tag: R11,000+

Thermaltake Xpressar Case

Nice, but can it make me coffee?

Sennheiser HD800

Serious about audio? Consider investing in a pair of Sennheiser HD800 headphones. Rated among the best headphones in the world, and one of the only audiophile brands locally available in South Africa, Sennheiser have a reputation to live up to.

Of course you’ll need to invest in an audiophile grade soundcard with built in headphone amplification, or a dedicated headphone amp, to get the most out of these rather expensive headphones.

Price tag: R13,500+

Sennheiser HD800

Like candy for your ears

Stokke Zero gravity chair

Not the type to enjoy a padded plush recliner? Prefer a comfy office chair? Then how about the Zero gravity chair from Stokke. Allowing you a variety of comfortable seating positions, the Zero gravity chair lets to get comfortable for extended gaming sessions in various positions from upright office chair to laid back movie recliner.

Price tag: $2300 (R17,365.96 before shipping and import tax)

Stokke zero gravity chair

Your move gravity

Sony VPL-VW1000ES Quad-HD projector

HD resolutions are so last year. Consider the Sony VPL-VW1000ES, a 3D capable home theatre projector that can project images, video and gameplay up to 200-inches wide. The real kicker? A Quad-HD resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels that dwarfs current HD resolutions.

Assuming you have a large enough room to project a 200-inch wide image on to your wall, thick blade drapes to keep light out, and a way to process and output a 4K resolution (The AMD 6990 can only output a max resolution of 2560 x 1600 over a single port).

Price tag: $3699,99 (R27,936.47 before shipping and import tax)

Sony VPL VW1000ES Quad HD projector

Sauron, eat your heart out

OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 PCIe SSD

Every PC enthusiast needs a super fast SSD to address their storage needs, so it makes sense to get an OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2. 960GBs of storage space, 1.5GB/s max sequential read speeds and over 200,000 IOPS make this one of the fastest consumer level SSDs available right now.

Price tag: R40,300.00+

OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 PCIe SSD

Look at those naked chips

A suitcase of money might not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy all of the above with some change to spare, which is close enough at the end of the day.

Which gaming related extravagances do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments below and on the MyGaming forum.

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5 gaming hardware extravagances

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