Microsoft working on gaming helmet, glasses

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Gaming helmets and glasses are on the cards for Microsoft, according to patent applications recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The devices are meant for use with Microsoft’s Xbox and Windows Phone platforms reported news site PatentBolt.

The first device is an “aviation-type” helmet aimed at Xbox gamers, while the second looks like a pair of large sunglasses and can be used with Windows Phone smartphones as well as future devices.

Microsoft claims a compact display system can be integrated into the two devices, allowing the wearer to view media from a computer or other electronic devices.

Since the human eye can only focus on images more than a few centimetres away, the device will virtually project images that can be viewed by the wearer.

Read the full story at: Boy Genius Report.

Microsoft Patent helmet

Microsoft Patent for glasses and helmet, credit: Patentbolt

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Microsoft working on gaming helmet, glasses

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