Best priced RAM kits in SA

If you’re looking to increase the RAM in your PC, you’ll want to shop around for the best deals on DDR3 RAM kits. You might not get the fastest or best looking kit, but sometimes the budget friendly alternatives will do. Here are some of the best prices on RAM kits from South African retailers.

Mid-range RAM kits are cheap as chips despite being a vital part of any gamers PC. Anadtech has shown that increases in speed may not have a huge effect during gaming, but having too little RAM is a sure fire way to drop your framerate dramatically.

Below are the cheapest 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB RAM kits from South African online retailers including LandmarkPC, Sybaritic, Rebeltech, Wootware, Prophecy and Takealot. RAM used was the cheapest of their respective capacities available from the store irrespective of brand or speed.

LandmarkPC R186.96 (Patriot 1 x 4GB) (1,333MHz) R428.64 (Patriot 2 x 4GB) (1,333MHz)
Sybaritic R187.00 (Trancend Jetram 1 x 4GB) (1,333MHz) R508.00 (Mushkin Silverline 2 x 4GB) (1,333MHz)
Rebeltech R187.00 (Trancend Jetram 1 x 4GB) (1,333MHz) R454.00 (Adata value 2 x 4GB) (1,600MHz)
Wootware R193.00 (G.Skill 1 x 4GB) (1,333MHz) R385.00 (G.Skill value 2 x 4GB) (1,333MHz)
Prophecy R220.60 (Apacer 1 x 4GB) (1,333MHz) R501.60 (Team Vulcan 2 x 4GB) (1,600MHz)
Takealot R203.00 (Trancend Jetram 1 x 4GB) (1,333MHz) R503.00 (Corsair 2 x 4GB) (1,333MHz)

Shopping around on 4GB and 8GB RAM kits can yield savings of nearly 32 percent between stores.

Landmark offer the cheapest 4GB option for sale currently, undercutting Sybaritic and Rebeltech by a whopping 4c each with their 1 x 4GB Patriot RAM Module running at 1,333MHz. Wootware was the cheapest store for those shopping for 8GBs of RAM, with their G.Skill value 2 x 4GB 1,333MHz bundle which was substantially cheaper than any other offering.

There is also healthy competition in the RAM market, with 8 different manufacturers including big names such as Corsair and G.Skill offering the cheapest RAM modules from the various manufacturers.

16GB 32GB
LandmarkPC R1,076.16 (Corsair 4 x 4GB) (1,333MHz) R2,156.88 (G.Skill Ripjaw Z 8 x 4GB) (1,600MHz)
Sybaritic R1,091.00 (Corsair Vengeance 4 x 4GB) (1,600MHz) R3,009.00 (Corsair Vengeance 8 x 4GB) (1,600MHz)
Rebeltech R861.00 (Mushkin Silverline 4 x 4GB) (1,333MHz) R2,061.00 (G.Skill Ripjaw Z 8 x 4GB) (1,600MHz)
Wootware R813.00 (G.Skill Ares 2 x 8GB) (1,333MHz) R1,608.00 (G.Skill Ares 4 x 8GB) (1,333MHz)
Prophecy R965.58 (Team Dark 4 x 4GB) (1,600MHz) R3528.76 (Corsair Dominator 4 x 8GB) (1,600MHz)
Takealot R1,200.00 (Corsair Vengeance 4 x 4GB) (1,600MHz) N/A

For the larger 16GB and 32GB sets of RAM, shopping around can save you over 46 percent.

Wootware offer the best price on a 16GB set, and is also the only store offering a 2 x 8GB module set as the cheapest (the rest of the stores offer 4 x 4GB sets, limiting the amount of space open for upgrading).

They also offer the cheapest option for 32GB sets, once again with 8GB modules from the G.Skill Ares range.

Despite offering the opportunity to buy pre-packed bulk sets of RAM, it is still cheaper to buy multiple single 4GB sticks from either LandmarkPC, Sybaritic or Rebeltech rather than an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB set.

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