NVIDIA GTX 480 benchmarks are in

We usually like to get our hands on test hardware to put it through its paces, but with no NVIDIA presence in SA, it’s unlikely that we get one of the new Fermi GPUs to play with.

With that in mind, we have resigned ourselves to republishing benchmarks published by one of our favourite international hardware news sites, Hexus.

NVIDIA released its own benchmarks a few weeks ago, and they indicated that its flagship Fermi card, the GTX 480, is a touch nippier than ATi’s HD 5870, making in the fastest single GPU card in the world. Of course, nobody took their claim seriously, and so they shouldn’t. However, now independently run benchmarks have emerged, and it seems that NVIDIA may not have been bluffing.

The following benchmarks were leaked by arabhardware.net, and republished at Hexus.


From the looks of these, the GTX 480 has a pretty significant edge on the HD 5870. Perhaps this should be expected, given that the HD 5870 was released half a year ago, and the GTX 480 is scheduled for international release this Friday.

It is obviously impossible for us to confirm the authenticity of these results; however, Arabhardware.net is a fairly large and respected website in its region.

If these performance findings are accurate, then NVIDIA can almost justify the steep pricing strategy.

The GTX 480 will sell for $499 (R3700) at launch, and the GTX 470 for $349 (R2580), and those are US prices before import duties, as well as the mystical South African price inflation phenomena taking its cut.

To put it in perspective, the HD 5870 sells for around $420 (R3060) in the US, and around R4150 in SA. This means that the GTX 480 will almost definitely be significantly more expensive in SA than the HD 5870 at launch.

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  • ibanez777

    I am going to get my fiance's mom to send me the GTX 480 from the USA, even if it has some cores disabled, these benchmarks are impressive…
    Nvidia fanboi alret…

  • ibanez777


  • Neo

    These benchmarks are no longer valid due to the recent news from this article: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1597530/fermi-gpus-pack-punch

    It seems the original boards had 512 cores…and those are the ones with which these benchmarks were done. The actual production units however will have less cores meaning lower performance.

  • FriendlyFire

    I'm sure that the actual performance will be on par with the HD5890 for most games, in that case.

  • Anonymous

    the GTX480 looks like a good card. Now I know why nvidia was taking so long.

    I would love to have this card but and keep my gtx280 for physx. wonder what the power consumption will be on the card

  • saint19

    Good, but….where is the 5970?

  • Jester

    A pinch of other information is always nice. Check how the 5870 actually performs at the indicated resolutions.


    What a blatant lie

  • NVIDIA Forever

    What did I say just wait for Fermi!!!

    ati can go suck eggs for all I care, again NVIDIA is going to be the fastest!!!

    Just can wait for the GTX 495 to whip the 5970 back into its little hiding hole, just like the GTX 295 and the 9800GX2 did with ati!!!

    No matter what the price I will get me one!!!!!

    The wait was worth it!!!

  • Riaan


    Upcoming on prophecy:

    The thing is you can buy 2 5850's for a R1000 less than one GTX480 and you can buy a 5870 for less than one GTX470! Whats the use?

    Naw only NV fanboys is crazy enough to buy this.


    This is what they spent more than a year on?!

    With the GTX480 I was expecting a mini nuclear powered GPU with the performance of at least 2 5970's.

    I'm truly dissapointed that it can hardly put up double of the performance of the 5870.

    How the mighty have fallen.

  • I love the presentation and design of this website.

NVIDIA GTX 480 benchmarks are in