Intel planning cheap six-core processor in 2013?

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Intel’s Core i7 lineup now covers four processor generations – Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell and Sandy Bridge-E – for sockets LGA 1155, LGA1150, and LGA2011 respectively.

Sandy Bridge-E’s successor is Ivy Bridge-E, set to launch in Q4 2013, and it offers only minimal performance gains in return for a substantial drop in power consumption.

It looks like Intel may be trying to clear out its small mountain of Core i7 chips that could not be validated to be sold as a Core i7-3930K. reports that several retailers including Intel itself have updated the shipping codes for their processors and inadvertently added in a brand new processor, called the Core i7-3910K.

Rumored Intel Core i7-3910K processor lined up for a 2013 release

Rumored Intel Core i7-3910K processor lined up for a 2013 release

The small amount of information given suggests that it is a six-core processor running at 3.0GHz and that it is based on the latest silicon as indicated by the code “C2”, which indicates the stepping number that helps identify when the processor was made. The part number beginning with the letters “SR…” may also indicate that it won’t be sold with a boxed cooler.

Its entirely possible that this may be a typo but not only is the part number different, the model number has also changed as well. This new chip may be destined for the OEM market as well, given that it does not appear on Intel’s official roadmap for the next year.


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Intel planning cheap six-core processor in 2013?

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