AMD changes product roadmap, pushes Kaveri back to 2014

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Recent reports from Digitimes suggest that AMD has changed their entire outlook of Q4 2013 and 2014, moving around product launches and possibly even delaying the Kaveri APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) and its smaller Kabini APU sibling from appearing on the desktop.

The report suggests that Kaveri won’t be available until early Q1 2014 in the consumer space, and when Kabini does reach the desktop it will be in BGA socket form soldered directly into the motherboard, just like Intel’s Atom and Celeron 847 lineup.

Digitimes also revealed that Kabini APUs will have a maximum power consumption of 25W and will come with two quad-core variants, namely the A4-5350 and A4-5150 as well as the dual-core E1-2650. These APUs are expected to release in March 2014 and will be best suited for low-power desktops, home servers and HTPCs (Home Theatre Personal Computer).

The report also goes on to detail that the Kabini successor will be called Beema and will launch between 2H 2014 and 2H 2015. Beema will use the same technology as Kaveri and will introduce the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture that uses the graphics cores to accelerate certain code or actions that run more efficiently on the GPU.

Digitimes lastly reports that AMD and its partners will no longer be making socket FM1 and AM3 motherboards for RMA and warranty replacements.

AMD 2013 updated APU roadmap

AMD’s 2013 APU roadmap will need to be updated again!

AMD’s previous official roadmap for 2013 suggested that Kaveri would be launching for the desktop in Q4 2013, with Kabini joining it slightly earlier in the year. Vishera, their premium desktop CPU family that utilises socket AM3+, would not see any significant changes in terms of architecture.

AMD is holding a conference on 25 September 2013 for the media, investors and the public to discuss the company’s future and their next generation of products. It is expected that roadmap changes will be announced at the conference as well as details for the next generation of Radeon graphics cards.

Source: Digitimes

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AMD changes product roadmap, pushes Kaveri back to 2014

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