AMD R-200 cards will Crossfire with HD7000


AMD’s new Radeon R-200 series has been launched and AMD has kicked it off with a rebrand and re-positioning of older cards that appear in the HD7000 family. Because the cards are architecturally similar, a popular theory was that the cards would be able to operate in Crossfire mode with their older siblings.

Hardware Canucks took it upon themselves to do some testing and confirmed that not only did Crossfire work, it performed exactly as expected and required no fiddling on their part to get it to work.

The compatibility runs through the whole lineup but excludes the newcomers in the Hawaii family. Those are brand new configurations that will be launching on 15 October. Both the R9 290 and the R9 290X are behemoths compared to the HD7950 and the HD7970 they replace.

The table below shows which cards are compatible with which series in Crossfire mode. Because this already works between single cards, triple Crossfire with a Radeon HD7990 and a R9 280X will also be possible.

Additionally, the R7 250 and the R7 240 are from the Oland family. Oland is separate from Cape Verde, which comprises the HD7770, HD7750 and HD7730, and bears no resemblance to any HD7000 series cards. Apart from the base design (Graphics Core Next architecture).

Available only to OEMs in pre-built machines previously, Oland will be replacing the HD7730, HD6670 and HD6570 and will be priced to compete with the Geforce GT640 and GT630 from Nvidia.

Update: I happened on an interesting tidbit about the R7 260X and the HD7790 as well. These cards, both based on the Bonaire family, also include a new version of the Crossfire technology that works through the PCI-Express bus and doesn’t need the Crossfire cables. This feature is built-in to both cards, but is not available in current drivers just yet.

Crossfire Pairings
Compatible HD7000 cards
Radeon R9 290X  None
Radeon R9 290  None
Radeon R9 280X  Radeon HD7990, HD7970, HD7950, HD7870 XT/LE
Radeon R9 270X  Radeon HD7870, Radeon HD7850
Radeon R7 260X  Radeon HD7790
Radeon R7 250  Radeon HD8670, HD8570 (Oland variants)
Radeon R7 240  Radeon HD8670, HD8570 (Oland variants)
Source: Hardware Canucks

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AMD R-200 cards will Crossfire with HD7000

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