Another Foxconn Employees dies

Another Foxconn Employees dies, “exhaustion” blamed after 34-hour shift

Could Foxconn’s “sweatshop-like” working conditions be the cause?

Just last week the 11th Foxconn employee committed suicide by jumping from a factory window.

This came amidst accusations that the factories which produce Foxconn hardware operate like “sweatshops.”Foxconn responded saying that it is very difficult to handle its 800,000 strong workforce. Some people commented that 11 suicides out of 800,000 people so far this year is proportionate to China’s general suicide rate.

Now, a 28 year old Foxconn employee has died, reportedly from exhaustion after working a 34 hour shift. According to the man’s wife, he was suffering from shortness of breath. He died while at his rented apartment. 

Foxconn manufactures a variety of hardware items, including iPods, iPhones, iPads, Xbox 360s, PS3s and Wiis, as well as PC hardware.

In response to the 11 suicides committed by Foxconn employees this year, the company has increased worker wages to the equivalent of R900 per month. 



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Another Foxconn Employees dies