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White Rabbit Gaming crowned DOTA 2 masters

After a year of tireless practice and dedication the White Rabbit Gaming Dota 2 team managed to defeat their biggest rivals in a fantastic showcase of South African eSports at Telkom DGL.

Bravado Gaming (who placed second) had been the reigning champions for the past two years, and dominant in every competition for the past four.

For the entirety of 2016 the White Rabbit Gaming Dota 2 team trailed behind the Bravado Gaming squad, finishing second at numerous tournaments throughout the competitive year.

After a recent team change, and a considerate amount of practice, they were able to defeat the reigning champions in front of a fully packed crowd backing their road to victory.

The three matches were extremely close, and provided an insight into a new level of Dota 2 which is emerging in South Africa.

The White Rabbit Gaming team defeated Bravado 2-1 in the Grand Finals.


ASUS Republic of Gamers, Worldwide No.1 Gaming Brand, came onboard with White Rabbit Gaming during last year’s Digital Gaming Championships, this year saw a more formal sponsorship with much needed funds and supplying the team with ROG Products and Gaming Peripherals, after noting the dedication and passion of the gaming team, and especially team owner Alwyn Venter.

“We are ecstatic about our DGL Masters win. We have been preparing the entire year, refining our approach and smoothing the edges for this major event. The team preparations were on point and everyone played their part to ensure we claim that number 1 spot in South Africa.

“ASUS played an integral part in our planning and approach this year and we simply would not have been able to do this without the support we have received. We are extremely proud of our partnership with this great brand and amazing bunch of people and look forward to a long and successful future together.”


Frances Lombard, ASUS Product Manager, followed the team closely throughout the weekend, sharing her sentiments after the big win.

“As ASUS we are extremely proud of the teams, not just this game changing moment of first place for the Dota 2 squad, but the CS:GO team defying the predictions and placing 5th/6th, the Academy team showing the future of the brand and not forgetting the 4th place in Hearthstone.  The players and the management came into this year with a clear goal and a sense of professionalism that has shown in the results.”

As the South African competitive year comes to an end, we can look back on an extremely successful year of eSports and of course look ahead as ASUS remains the choice of champions.

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This article was published in partnership with ASUS.

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White Rabbit Gaming crowned DOTA 2 masters

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