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ASUS Router App – Find out who’s hogging your bandwidth

ASUS Router App

I don’t know about you, but I grew up in the sensitive times of ADSL.

Being a gamer, sometimes I had to jump up from my computer and scold my family members for hogging the lion’s share of our 384kbps line was almost enough to drive me crazy.

Looking back, there are now two things I wish I had.

Firstly, an ASUS router with Quality of Service (so I can net-limit everyone) and a handy ASUS Router App which allows me to manage my network straight from my mobile phone.

That’s right, your entire network from your fingertips.

You’re able to monitor who’s on your line, check your current download and upload speed of respective users on the network and throw anyone off who you feel is not abiding by your home’s “fair use policy.”

The ASUS Router App provides far more utility than mentioned above.

For instance, and most importantly for me, you’re able to optimise your network by activating the Game Boost which prioritises your gaming traffic.

If you’re the one who handles the network (as in you want it optimised for you), then this is definitely the feature you’re going to want to utilise.

If you’re still experiencing some lag, the Real-time Traffic monitor will show you which devices are using the most bandwidth on your router, from pretty much anywhere.

Put simply, you can manage your network from anywhere with the ASUS Router App, which leads us to the most important function – security.

The ASUS Router App allows you to diagnose your security settings and scan for any issues which may present themselves.

The health-check will help you identifies problems from password strength, infected device protection, vulnerability protection, and malicious site blocking.

Cyber security is a must have in this day and age, and ASUS Routers are fit for your protection, and the App serves as the first line of defence when keeping a secure network.

Have guests staying over at your house?

No longer will you need to worry about sharing your Wi-Fi password.

With the App, you can create a temporary guest Wi-Fi access in a matter of seconds.

The auto-generated, easy-to-remember password is not only convenient; it enables you to protect your local network from malicious attacks.

Long gone are the days where every home device is connected by cables.

As high-speed internet becomes as essential to South African households as water and electricity, the amount of electronics that will connect to our home wifi will only increase.

ASUS Router and its Router App are designed to make your connected life easier.

In my personal experience, they’ve done a phenomenal job.

The ASUS Router App is available on both iOS and Android, and compatible with a large variety of ASUS Routers.

Don’t let anyone hog your bandwidth, ever again.

This article was published in partnership with ASUS.

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ASUS Router App – Find out who’s hogging your bandwidth

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