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How to buy a business laptop 101

ASUS Zenbook for business

The ASUS Zenbook is considered a Jack of all trades, and is an essential item in the laptop bags of young businessmen- and women.

Whether you are on the road most of the day, or spend the day in a cubicle; having the perfect laptop as a tool to prioritise and simplify your life is very important.

Now you might be asking – what is the difference between a business laptop and a personal laptop?

Business laptops are released with features to better accompany the young working professional.

Business laptops are mostly used to be your office PC on-the-go. They tend to have the same basic components as personal laptops, but the manufacturers include some features to meet business needs.

These laptops have the abilities to bear fingerprint and facial recognition-scanners for improved privacy, more durable designed hardware, improved wireless and LAN connections, and more specified microprocessors designed to secure hardware.

New technology has created many possibilities to ensure more secure and user-friendly experiences.

Now, above and beyond the tech stuff, there are a few basic elements that business laptops have to adhere to, for them to handle the pressure of being a working laptop.

Make sure to find something with at least 4GB of RAM.

Anything less will not be able to keep up with running many processes and having all of those presentations and spreadsheets open on the screen.

Users, who focus on graphics-based work, should enjoy 8GB of memory to help speedy and heavy duty project work.

For businesses that use video, multimedia PowerPoint slides and large images, settling for a larger hard drive may be a good idea.

A 500GB to 1TB hard drive is a good balance between economy and space.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are smaller in size and a bit more expensive, but they don’t have any spinning parts and are therefore better suited for a lot of traveling.

SSD-equipped systems also boot faster and launch programmes faster.

Let’s look at the ASUS Zenbook’s RAM and memory stats – It boasts with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB solid state drive – an actual bargain when you look at the price of this machine.

The SSD has a long lifespan as they are created to endure.

Anyone who travels a lot and plans to own a laptop for the foreseeable future would benefit greatly from an ASUS Zenbook.

The next vital point is battery life.

If you are on the road or at a conference, struggling with finding plugs and charging cables could be a hassle.

Many young professionals prefer a laptop that does not run out of battery life before an email is sent or a proposal is written.

When it comes to the Zenbook, the battery lasts a good 9-10 hours.

It is perfect for those travelling business professionals who are constantly on the road.

Be sure to find a laptop that is not prone to wear and tear, something that will last long periods of time.

The keyboard and trackpad should be user-friendly and last with the excessive typing and working of the modern working professional.

Also look for a device that has optimal screen resolution to help keep your eyes intact (we all know what strain your eyes can take from being on a computer for long hours).

The Zenbook’s matte 1080p IPS display is sharp, glare-free, and fitted with great viewing angles which will ensure long-lasting optical instalments.

Deciding what device would best suit a business’ needs could be a difficult task.

It all depends on the ultimate goal of the laptop purchase. The Zenbook is an affordable choice for all kinds of businesses.

The device purchased can also be personalised to better suit these needs – a larger internal memory or RAM can be requested, the screen can be upgraded with a better graphics card (for those designers and artists), and the edition with a larger Core i5 chip-processor can also be requested.

Make sure you decide on a device that meets your business needs.

This article was published in partnership with ASUS.

How to buy a business laptop 101

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