Shadow of the Erdtree’s first trailer is finally here

FromSoftware has announced that fans will, at long last, get a look at the highly anticipated Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree today.

The announcement came on X (formerly Twitter) and indicated that FromSoftware would drop a three-minute trailer at 4:30 pm today.

The trailer will be available on Bandai Namco’s YouTube channel and, as of writing, has already accumulated over 37K likes – illustrating the extreme anticipation for this DLC.

Below, you can find the announcement Tweet from FromSoftware.

Shadow of the Erdtree

The DLC was first revealed last year by FromSoftware in a Tweet on 28 February, and since then, there have been no official updates as to its progress, content, or potential release date.

This has led to rabid speculation and fan conjecture, and in the weeks leading up to the game’s second release anniversary (25 February), many hoped that FromSoftware would reveal more details about the DLC.

These hopes have been satisfied with this upcoming three-minute trailer, though it’s unlikely that FromSoftware will be including a release date with the video.

Then again, recent data analysis on SteamDB indicates that FromSoftware is gearing up for something with the Elden Eing DLC section receiving a new entry titled “SteamDB Unknown App 2778580”.

So perhaps we will be getting an earlier than expected release for the highly-anticipated DLC and once again see Elden Ring dominating the sales charts.

You can watch the trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree below.


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Shadow of the Erdtree’s first trailer is finally here

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