Nintendo Switch details coming soon


While gamers were expecting something exciting from Nintendo leading up to the reveal of the Switch, the Japanese company really did pull a rabbit out of the hat, showcasing something both ambitious and unique in design.

While we know a little bit about the functionality of the portable console hybrid (thanks to the staged yet entertaining reveal video), Nintendo is set to share some more information on the price, availability and games lineup soon.

Nintendo has announced that all the “major details” about the Switch will be revealed at the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 on 12 January 2017. That’s a few short months to wait, but we’re already excited to hear what Nintendo has in store for the Switch.

Based on the video, speculation around the games to be announced include a new Mario title, Skyrim for Switch, a new Mario kart, and some other previously-released Xbox One and PS4 triple-A titles making the jump to the new console.

The event will be held on January 12 and will be live streamed online. The event’s exact time will be revealed at a later date, and Nintendo also announced vague plans for hands-on events for the Switch planned for after the January live stream.

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Nintendo Switch details coming soon

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