Why do people keep making fake gaming consoles?

Nintendo will be announcing the first Switch details this January – showing off the consoles unique features and games.

In the build-up to the reveal you can expect a whole host of fake news, including “leaked screenshots”, to emerge.

Fake images and stories like these have existed since the dawn of the internet and will help build up hype for the non-existent console. They will quickly be disproven as fake when Nintendo reveal show off the actual thing and the community will completely forget about these fake leaks.

The cycle will repeat when Xbox shows off its Project Scorpio in Holiday 2017. It’s the same for any such technological release – graphics cards that “leak” or “upcoming flagship smartphones”. Why go to all this effort if the actual thing will be revealed in a couple of months and completely disprove the information that you’re spreading?

For the views.

That was exactly the case with streamer Etika, who claimed to have been sent an early version of the console by Nintendo.

He subsequently showed off the device while livestreaming and it must be said the device looked legitimate.

It was only after a follow-up video, uploaded by Swedish designer Frank Sandqvist, demonstrating how the pair had teamed up to make a 3D model of the device surfaced that people turned against Etika.

Of course that didn’t negate the hundreds of thousands of people who tuned into Etka’s stream and videos or his subsequent infamy.

It’s hard to imagine even Nintendo themselves would take issue as the stunt drummed up massive publicity for the console and the actual release.

And that’s just it – there were no real losers in this scenario just like there were no losers in the countless previous times such events occurred.

Jokesters and tricksters will continue to spread these rumours and fakes for 15 minutes of fame, all the while drumming up very real hype for the real thing. When they are inevitably called out they can escape to the anonymity of the internet with little to no repurcussions.

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Why do people keep making fake gaming consoles?

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