Wii U: what’s inside?

Usually, the impending release of a new console results in much speculation into the internal components, before someone eventually gets their hands on it and rips it apart. But Nintendo has offered a shortcut and just told everyone.

Nintendo often has internal interview segments on their official site called “Ask Iwata”, and in the latest post, the development team behind the console spill some new details.

New information reveals that the Wii U features an MCM (multi-chip module) which houses the CPU and GPU combo (provided by IBM and AMD respectively).

“This time we fully embraced the idea of using an MCM for our gaming console,” said Genyo Takeda, senior managing director and general manager of the Integrated Research and Development Division.

This chip will help keep the console cool and save energy. There will also be a single fan with a specially designed airflow route to help out even further with heat.

Other features include a “sync” button located on the front of the console, to sync controllers, peripherals and other devices. USB ports at the front and back will also be featured.

A small (but welcomed) addition is that a HDMI cable will come bundled with the console.

South Africa’s Core Gaming Systems, on behalf of Nintendo Europe, has confirmed that the Nintendo Wii U console will be hitting South African retail on 30 November 2012.

Source: Nintendo – Ask Iwata

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Wii U: what’s inside?

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