Core not dropping Nintendo distribution license in SA

Rumours have been developing that Core Group, the official distributor of Nintendo products in South Africa, would be dropping its license to distribute the products.

A high-level Core representative has confirmed to MyGaming that this is categorically not the case, stating that the rumours are unfounded.

Core will not be dropping the Nintendo distribution license, and there will be no change in this regard, said the Core representative.

These rumours may have been sparked in the wake of a number of SA retailers dramatically reducing their price on the 32GB Wii U premium bundle to just R1,000, from a standard retail price of R4,600.

This evening, Incredible Connection held an online fire sale for the product at this price, which was sold out within minutes. Tomorrow (30 May 2013), Toys R Us will be holding the same sales special.

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Core not dropping Nintendo distribution license in SA

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