Wii U sales dismal in SA

According to a report on htxt.africa, sales of the Wii U in South Africa have not been particularly great so far.

Analysts at Gfk, a retail sales data tracking and market research company, says that by the end of April 2013, less than 2,000 Wii U consoles had been sold in South Africa since its launch in November 2012.

This is contrasted with 50,000 Xbox 360 console sales over the same period.

Speaking to htxt, Kali Moahloli, Business Group Head at GfK TEMAX South Africa, said that “the gaming market overall is fairly weak at the moment.” This is due to high prices, a result of the weak Rand, and customers waiting to see what happens with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, explained Moahloli.

Source: htxt.africa

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  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Wow… Didn’t know the sales looked that bad in SA :/

    Still it is a pretty damn cool console! I am loving it!

  • Should definitely experience a big slowdown now, especially after E3 in a few days, people going to bunker down and start saving up for the next gen consoles. Still impressed by the 50k 360 sales in November, go SA 🙂

  • Qrox

    No wonder Toys r us were putting the ones they had on special for R1000.
    I heard that the sales were poor in SA but damn! Didn’t realize it was doing that badly.

  • Wyzak

    I think Nintendo made a mistake with the pricing on the Wii-U. The Wii came onto the market at R2000-R2500. The Wii-U is R4500-R6000. Perhaps they should have looked at making the gamepad optional and removing it from the basic pack and thereby reducing the price to about R2000-R2500.

    As all the recent sales shown there is a real demand for the console, but the pricing was the biggest hurdle. As soon as the prices dropped the stock flew off the shelves.

    There’s a lesson to be learned here for Sony and MS as well who think that people will be willing to spend 8k on a new console.

  • Wyzak

    I’m also loving mine 😀

  • Derek Jones

    I agree, I would have quite happily paid R2.5k for a Wii U. But the entry point pricing was too high. Now it is probably too late. I will rather wait for an Xbox One or PS4.

  • Mybadstudios Rsa

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be stock left. I phoned all Pretoria, Johannesburg and Rustenburg branches and they are all sold out. One of them told me the special was from the 30th till yesterday.

    So telling us about it today is rather pointless 🙁

  • Codify

    You nailed it, over priced for the SA market. It’s sad to see the Wii U struggle to get a footing here when it’s really an awesome console.

    To Core group, give us a fair price and we will support you. Please stop being so damn greedy!

  • The Rich

    I think you’re commenting on the wrong article here.

  • Yateen Dayaram

    the price is a tricky one. I really want a WiiU I even went out to some of the retail stores to find that most of the consoles have been discontinued or sold out. I hope new bundles will be coming to SA (hell we didn’t even get the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate bundle) but hopefully they will be new bundles when the new games from this years E3 start rolling out. But cmaan give us a price cut, times are hard financially, like the price cut for the 3DS helped sales to rise big time for it overseas.

  • Caleb Moyce

    Until the price actually drops, the market will continue to struggle, No one is willing to pay 4.5k for a console! that’s a warning to Microsoft and to PS! SA will generally not buy consoles at that insanely high price

  • Vaughan Wooding

    I love my Wii U, only problem I am having is finding games. The stores aren’t stocking any of the high rated games. I agree there should be a version with a normal controller over a gamepad but honestly once you have the gamepad…its worth it!

Wii U sales dismal in SA

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