Don’t update to AMD’s latest graphics card driver

A new report released by Gamersnexus has revealed major issues with AMD’s new 16.7.3 driver.

The update severely limits memory overclocks to 2050MHz, down from the original 2250MHz.

Upon testing the memory issues, a bigger problem cropped up – the AMD 16.7.3 driver causes blue screens as a secondary effect from hard crashes.

After reaching-out to AMD, we received word that the company’s driver QA team is “looking into this issue now,” further stating, “if we can confirm it’s a problem, then the next question will probably be how quickly we can get a fix into a new driver release.”

As of this writing, AMD has not confirmed detection of the issue on “their end,” but the company is minimally looking into the numerous user reports.

The overclock limitation on memory seems to be a mistake, but we would strongly urge users to stay on 16.7.2 or roll-back if issues present themselves.

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Don’t update to AMD’s latest graphics card driver

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