More popular than GTA V online? Welcome to multiplayer GTA: San Andreas

GTA V continues to be an incredibly popular game.

Consistently placed in Steam’s top ten bestselling games, the game reaches a peak of around 50,000 active users daily.

It’s not the most popular open-world crime game on PC however, not by a long shot.

That title goes to the now 11 years old GTA: San Andreas and its two absolutely massive multiplayer mods, reports RockPaperShotgun.

“Multi Theft Auto, had 616,000 players in July (up from just 33k in February 2010), while the other, SA-MP, oscillates between about 15,000 and 50,000 concurrent players”.

Why do these mods prove to be so popular despite the existence of a much newer (and arguably better game)?

“GTA Online puts up to 30 players on each server, and it doesn’t let you choose the server.”

“SA-MP and MTA allow much larger player counts — sometimes several hundred, depending on the server — and in traditional PC gaming style offer up a long list of servers to choose from, each of which has its own rules, available game modes, and eccentricities.”

In short the mods provide such a wide array of options (everything from cops and robbers to pure roleplaying) that GTA V: Online can’t or won’t emulate.

The community is also a lot nicer, says MTA developer Dan.

“Where GTA Online has a “passive” mode that offers a scant layer of protection for newbies and non-violent players (there are, sadly, many ways to kill a player set as passive), Multi Theft Auto and SA-MP each offer hundreds of servers where cold-blooded murder is rare.”

“As SA-MP player JasperM notes, “the GTA SA online community is a lot more friendly and less toxic than GTA Online where people randomly hunt you down for no reason.”


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  • Helldriver Phoenix

    Agreed, GTA online just like CoD online has very toxic players.

  • rick

    Agreed they are so mean to me

  • Johan Lewis Last

    I’m sorry. Did I hurt your feelings? Or did I hurt you plenty…..muwahahaha

    Nah I’m jk, I don’t play any of the GTA games

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    Yes, me too. I receive weekly “Stop camping” threats.

  • Dillon

    These guys need to advertise their Mods more they will gain thousands of players but also all the unwanted types of online gamers

  • MiguelGM

    MTA has servers that are almost a new game, roleplays have nothing to do with GTA SA style, for example. If GTA V would allow such modifications, their playerbase would grow a lot, but it wouldn’t be as profitable as those microtransactions that some people buy. So basically, Rockstar sold their game life to get some more money instead of letting a game last 10-15 years longer easily.

  • Joaquin Gomez

    GTA Online is more detailed, bigger, and better than SAMP could ever be, and for those of you that say that SAMP has infinite possibilities because of modding the same thing goes for GTA Online you can now mod in it as well.

More popular than GTA V online? Welcome to multiplayer GTA: San Andreas

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