The 5 obvious reasons PC Gaming is just better

With the PlayStation Pro and Xbox One S releasing later this year, I though it pertinent it to establish who the real king of gaming is – the PC.

In fact I even asked myself if it was worth writing this article – surely every knows PC gaming is best? Still, maybe this is a good time to educate.

With tongue firmly in cheek, check out the 5 reasons why PC Gaming is just better:

No nasty subscriptions

I have to pay to play multiplayer games? What a silly concept.

When I do decide to give up some of my hard-earned cash to a monthly service it will be towards the epic monthly games in this month’s Humble Bundle or as part of the awesome Origin Access service.

Playstation Plus

Mouse + Keyboard

The best way to play videogames  – the M+K combo is the answer to every genre of game bar none.

If I do have to begrudgingly drag out the dreaded controller for say, a racing game, it’s a button press away from syncing up and I can choose to use either Sony’s or Microsoft’s hardware.



Yes, PC Gaming typically requires a steeper initial investment to get up and running but the amount you save on games over the years will dwarf this.

Seriously, open up Steam right now and look at the sales up. then compare them to what you’re paying on Console.



People always trot out games like Uncharted and Halo as games PC gamers will never get to play because they’re “console exclusives”.

They always seem to conveniently forget games like Civilization VI, Cities: Skylines and RimWorld as must-play games that only feature on the PC.


Backwards Compatibility

What’s that?

All of my games work perfectly fine on my brand new PC and if there is some rare issue – it’s usually a short fix away.

Age of Empires 2 old graphics

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The 5 obvious reasons PC Gaming is just better

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