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Trolling is an art, and while some gamers out there fail terribly at it, others make trolling an enjoyable experience for themselves. For the victims however, the same cannot be said.

So what is a troll? Well, a troll is someone who deliberately stirs up drama in a game in some way or another, to cause hassles for other players. Be it tea-bagging, or even sending texts to other players to instigate drama.

How do you become a troll you ask? I might not be a master a trolling, but I have been victim of online trolling for a years now, as we all have, and I thought it would be best to really analyze these strange creatures.

Be professional about it

I know the word “professional” does not really do justice to a troll’s actions, but a troll must always try and perform its actions in the best light.

Running around and tea-bagging someone might look like trolling, but it’s the complete opposite really.

A troll has sly tactics to its actions, that first build up frustration in other players, until they reach boiling point. There is a difference between standing in one place and letting zombies kills you, and activating all the alarms in Left 4 Dead 2. One is being a complete idiot, and the other is trolling your team mates.

It is all about the chase, that slowly leads to the victim either completely flipping out or realizing he was trolled and laughing about it.

Don’t be nasty

A troll might seem like a terrible human being, but a good troll just wants to have fun, at other people’s expense. If you find it funny, then that troll did his job, but if you sense a bit of animosity surrounding his actions, then he is obviously out to get you.

I have trolled a few players online before in Dark Souls III, when myself and another player were invaded by another dark spirit.

I then decided to turn myself into a chair and hide against the wall. When the invader walked past, I did not move, instead I waited until he found my friend, and then I sneaked up behind him and killed him.

I could have have just killed him when he walked past, but the trolling was making him walk around for a good 10 minutes before I attacked. It become a game to me, and hopefully to him too.

Dota 2 is better than LoL

Be creative

Trolls have alternative motives when playing games. Even if it means they lose the match, as long as they get what they wanted to do done, they are happy.

Even if this means they got that teabag in and died right on top your body, they are happy. I have had cases where a troll would die a dozen times in attempt to kill me with a specific weapon, just to teabag me.

If you find a troll in an online lobby who is chatting away and causing an uproar, that is probably his way to get attention.

You however need to pick your audience, be smart about it, and know what you are doing. If you are going to spam someone with texts after a match, perhaps build them up with a few “GG”, and then drop the “McDonald’s Wi-Fi” bomb.

If you are going to start a raid boss fight without your team in position, try your best to make the respawn worthwhile by attempting to kill the boss by yourself, to add a little humor to the situation.

New game, new opportunities

There are hundreds of ways to troll people, and with new online games come new ways to do new things.

Elder Scrolls Online for example, has recently been targeted by players who join random dungeons, and instead of playing through them, they pull out a banjo and start a hippie concert.

Destiny has suffered from the increase in double shotgun loadouts on small maps. This has resulted in frustrating gameplay as players just die and respawn over and over again.

There is always some way you can troll players in a game, even if it goes as simple as standing in front of a doorway dancing, preventing other players from entering the room.

The Elder Scrolls Online

What to avoid

Trolling someone is one thing, but being a complete moron is another. Avoid discriminating against people based on their gender, sexual orientation, or anything of the sort. You are the sad troll in this situation, so maybe fix your own issues first.

Swearing is the biggest issue with trolling. You can go from having fun to being reported and banned because you used a bad word.

PSN, Steam, and Xbox Live all have report functions, and if you are reported and they do find unpleasant words in your text, they will ban you. Regardless, you should not be personally attacking a person anyway.

Switch up tactics at times, no one likes someone who does the same thing over and over again. People will know your ways, and not play with you or against you, because they know you are up to no good.

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