Anti-piracy DRM makes our game worse: game developer

Flying Wild Hog, developers of the upcoming Shadow Warrior 2, won’t include any anti-piracy DRM in their game “because it makes it worse”.

“We don’t believe in DRM, and we don’t like DRM,” two of the developers behind the new game said to Kotaku.

“We don’t support piracy, but currently there isn’t a good way to stop it without hurting our customers.”

“Denuvo means we would have to spend money for making a worse version for our legit customers. It’s like this FBI warning screen on legit movies.”

It’s not that Denuvo is resource intensive or directly impacts the playing experience however, rather a case of priorities for the developers.

“Any DRM we would have needs to be implemented and tested.”

“We prefer to spend resources on making our game the best possible in terms of quality, rather than spending time and money on putting some protection that will not work anyway.”

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Anti-piracy DRM makes our game worse: game developer

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