These 5 new games dropped over 60% in price in South Africa in the last six months

It’s clear from our weekly deals articles that South African gamers love a good sale.

Whether it’s because the cost of games and hardware in South Africa are too high for the average South African or our brains that keep telling us to go cheaper, it’s become a much more viable option to wait for a game to go on sale than to buy it at launch.

Stranger still, it seems like more and more distributors and retailers are actually providing incentive to wait, as games are getting cheaper faster.

These 5 games had massive price drops within six months:

  • MyGaming recently reported on how Quantum Break went from R999 to R409 over the course of 6 months.
  • Likewise Uncharted 4 dropped from its release price of R999 to R300 with a 90 day PS Plus subscription over the same 6 month period.
  • DiRT Rally also recently dropped to R324.50 from its starting console price of R999.
  • DOOM dropped from R999 to R457 on consoles and even lower on Steam.
  • Finally you could pick up the budget-oriented Trackmania Turbo for R362,  a steep discount from the game’s R699 RRP.

All of these games launched in South Africa some time this year and all of them were available for less than half of their retail price in six months or less.

Of course these are just once-off sales, and there are plenty of games that don’t retail for anywhere near as cheaply.

This also doesn’t account for cheaper prices like pre-owned copies, Steam sales, and 3rd-party resellers through which you can get games much cheaper at launch.

It does seem there is a clear-cut case for being a little more patient when buying games in South Africa.

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These 5 new games dropped over 60% in price in South Africa in the last six months

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